Loco & Al Tuna join attempt to break a world record for a good cause

Today we have a special guest post from our own mascot, Loco, recapping his trip with Al Tuna to Philadelphia as part of the Mascots for a Cure attempt to break a Guinness World Record. Click here to read more about the event. 

Loco with some of his friends at the Palestra for the Mascots for a Cure event

By Loco

This weekend was one for the record books. Literally. The Guinness World Record Book!

On Saturday, Al and I took my new “Loco”motive across state to the city of Brotherly Love – Philly! We checked in to our room at the Sheraton on Saturday night so we could get a good night’s rest before the BIG day on Sunday! For some reason Al wasn’t keen on the idea of getting Sushi, so we headed to the Mad Mex next to the hotel.

After my fuzzy tummy was full of rice, chicken, and about 2.5 gallons of chips and salsa we headed back to the hotel. It’s pretty cheap for Al and I to travel since he sleeps in a bathtub and I’m perfectly comfortable sleeping on the floor since that’s where Steamer made me sleep as part of my rookie orientation.


We woke up early on Sunday and headed to The Palestra on the University of Penn campus. I still think that “Palestra” sounds like an Italian sandwich. Anyhow, we met up with a ton of new friends including Franklin from the Philadelphia 76ers, G-Wiz of the Washington Wizards, the grand-daddy of all mascots the Phanatic. (Al passed out upon seeing him and I couldn’t help but realize he and I had been  cut from the same cloth.) Furthermore, we ran into Reggy the Purple Party Dude. He’s so awesome because he talks; I wish I could do that, plus he’s the spokes character for the Mascot Hall of Fame. How cool is that?!

IMG_2344Around 10 a.m. we were called out onto the floor of the Italian sandwich and were put into our lines to be counted. I don’t know how they were able to count us since mascots don’t normally stand still for more than a half a second. After several attempts, they were able to get all the dogs, dragons, fish, frogs, creatures, and aliens counted – 138 total! We then got in the zone to dance the “Electric Slide”. They had us do a practice run, which was probably a wise choice since a lot of mascots don’t know their right from their left. Then it was on to the big one, the one that would be counted and hopefully give us the title of “World Record Holders”. After 5 minutes and 30 seconds we were told “STOP! YOU DID IT!” Al and I, along with all the other fuzzy creatures there, jumped and danced some more to celebrate.

FullSizeRenderThe best part about the weekend was that it was for a great cause! Mascots For a Cure is a charity that raises money and awareness for childhood cancers. So not only did we have a great time breaking a record, we also did it for a cause that means a lot to me, mascots, and people all around the globe.

Now it’s up to Guinness Book to review the footage and brush through all the details. We should find out within a month or so if we officially broke the record. I’ve already reserved a spot on my wall for the certificate. It was truly a weekend I’ll never forget.  Al already forgot what he had for breakfast this morning, so I’m gonna have to remind him once the certificate comes in the mail.

A special thank you to our own Loco for recapping this wonderful event for the blog. Make sure to come catch Loco, Al and the Curve this season. Single-game tickets are on sale now, and the season opens at PNG Field on April 7 when the Curve face the Harrisburg Senators. 

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