There Could Be An App for That…

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by Rob Egan

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. – For all the meetings we attend and trade show booths we visit, the Altoona Curve contingent always has the clear objective of improving.  We’re constantly learning about and looking for items, services, and programs that will make us better.  Better for our fans, players, sponsors, staff, and community.

In the first two days, we have had meetings and events that have addressed how we market our industry as a whole, highlighted teams and executives that have excelled, and made us aware of how our seasonal interns can be better prepared to become full-time executives.  All of those items are important and can make us better as an organization – but are they really interesting the fans?  Honestly, no.

A new service that will likely be very interesting is a brand new mobile app that the Curve learned about Tuesday.  Brandiose, who helped design and implement our current brand and logos, has developed an app that could greatly enhance a fan’s experience with the Curve.  The app, which would be free to download, will be available on all iPhone and Android devices.  It will allow fans to do the basics that many sports apps already do:  buy tickets, look up player information, connect to the radio broadcasts, and more.

What makes the “Boomaphone” app truly unique is that fans will be able to participate in real-time and be part of the “show” while attending Curve games. Those in attendance can sign up for in-game contests, vote for who will win the Panera Bagel Race, post their social media photos for other fans to see, and qualify for coupons and prizes.  The app’s feed will stay real-time throughout the game to let you know what’s coming up next.

Another cool feature is the interactive ballpark map.  By tapping a particular area on the map, you could locate where your favorite beverage or concession item is available.  The map can also direct you to the Laurel Eye Clinic Customer Service Center, the Rocky Gap Casino Resort Entertainment Deck, and other points of interest in Curve, PA.

We are excited about this new app and look forward to adding it to our experience.


Last week, the Curve announced the addition of a unique twist to the standard All-Star Game home run derby.  This week, “The Curve, PA Ghost Man Games and Hitting Challenge” has industry executives talking positively about our latest innovation.  Our friends from other clubs were made aware of the event through websites like and which gave the concept positive reviews.


Former Curve pitching coach and current Tigers’ scout Bruce Tanner celebrated his birthday working the lobbies at the Winter Meetings yesterday.  Tanner, who pitched in the Major Leagues, is one of my favorite people in the game.  He inherited his father’s perpetually positive nature and sense of humor.  Saavy Curve fans can spot him a couple of times each season scouting the talent in the Eastern League from a seat behind home plate.  Always great to see him.  Happy birthday, Bruce!

Another well-known good guy in the game was seen in the media room on Tuesday.  Outfielder Curtis Granderson, whom Curve fans saw a lot of in 2004 while he played for the Erie SeaWolves, had his recent agreement with the New York Mets officially announced.  I’ll never forget how gracious he was when I interviewed him at Uht Park for a pre-game show that summer.  Two years later, he was playing in the World Series with the Tigers.  In addition to his graciousness and humility, Granderson has routinely given of his time and treasure to less fortunate in Detroit, New York, and his hometown of Chicago.  He’s an easy guy to root for no matter which team he’s playing for and I’m glad to see fame hasn’t affected him in a negative way.

Until tomorrow…so long from the land of the famous mice!

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