Who’s Up for a Trade (Show)

As promised from yesterday’s blog we’ve got AGM – Marketing/Promotions Matt Hoover with us in the video above to chat a little bit about the Winter Meetings Trade Show. Looking for a unique giveaway item, a giant inflatable jersey, a pitching machine, Minor League Baseball Passport Books, batting gloves, padding for your outfield wall? They’ve got it all at the Baseball Trade Show and that is where Hoover goes to work during the Meetings to find the giveaway items that you might see at the ballpark come 2014 or beyond.

Overall, Day 2 at the Meetings was actually less filled with meetings than Day 1 but we still had a few more Freitas seminars to take in throughout the day. My favorite part of the “work day”, if you can even call it that down here, was our meeting with Brandiose to learn about the improvements to the Boomaphone app that are scheduled to roll out in time for the 2014 season. As Rob writes in his article, which can be viewed by clicking here, the things they have planned for the new app seem pretty cool and would be a great way to add to a fan’s game experience in Curve, Pa. as well as help them shape the type of experience they see on the field as the game unfolds to truly make each and every game more unique than they already are.

What is pretty neat about the Winter Meetings is how surreal the experience is in general. Walking from place to place and seeing the different people that are involved in the game of baseball. Whether you’re out for a morning jog around the Board Walk, below, or you are on a tram back from the Magic Kingdom, you run into the best of the best in the MLB industry.

The view from the beach at the Disney Boardwalk
The view from the beach at the Disney Boardwalk

It’s about a 5 minute walk to go between the Swan hotel (where the MiLB staff stay) and the Dolphin (where MLB staff stays) but its a nice beautiful walk before getting inside and heading up an escalator to where some of the main breaking trade/hot stove talk, takes place with both MLB Network and ESPN having sets set up. In the photo below you have the MLB Network desk on the left and the ESPN desk on the right, separated only by a beautifully constructed Christmas tree that’s made out of Poinsettias!Media Studios

We’ll get some more video of the “lay of the land” in tomorrow’s final WM blog.

As for the rest of the night on Tuesday, Hoover and I decided to take a trip to the Magic Kingdom since we were in Disney and Tuesday was the only night there was no scheduled appearance at a dinner, etc. Disney during the holidays is just fantastic and we actually were able to hit all the big spots: Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, etc. and wait no longer than 10 minutes as the park was open extra late with a special Christmas program. We boarded the shuttle back to call it a night at Disney and who did we sit next to on our way back? Brian Kenny from MLB Network. Just goes to show, everyone wanted to sneak  visit into the Magic Kingdom.

Until tomorrow,


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