Meetin’ and Greetin’

It’s been a whirlwind few couple of days getting down here to Orlando and taking in all that was the first day of the Winter Meetings.  I’ll recap some of it here or you can watch the fancy video above we’ll do better with the lighting tomorrow, our bad…).

Getting Here….
As Rob pointed out in his article today in the Altoona Mirror and what was posted here a bit earlier today, we had some travel fun getting down to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. Originally scheduled to leave out of State College on Sunday night we were alerted that our flight was cancelled early Saturday night and were forced to hop on a different flight that left nearly 12 hours earlier.

After a 5 a.m. arrival at PNG Field, Rob, David, Hoover and myself hopped in the van and drove to fly out of Pittsburgh where we hit a bit of a travel snag. A pair of us had seats on the flight….and a pair of us did not as something was lost in code translation when getting our flights changed. Thus, the Amazing Race to get to Orlando was born.

Rob and David (Team #1) were on the original flight out of Pittsburgh connecting through Charlotte and then on to Orlando. Hoover and I (Team #2) were now on a flight out of Pittsburgh that left nearly 1.5 hours later but landed in Orlando nearly 30 minutes earlier. Can’t you see Phil from the Amazing Race narrating this with a cool map graphic?

One thing about the Winter Meetings is that you’ll see stars from all the different worlds of baseball here: players, former players, managers, tv analysts, etc. Ours started early as since Hoover and I had to take a different flight we come to our gate only to find the recently retired skipper Jim Leyland waiting to board our flight.


Upon arrival, we were picked up by the good folks at Brandiose (the dynamic duo behind the new Curve logos from 2011) and they had a big nice bus (see above) waiting to pick us up and take us to the Swan & Dolphin Hotel, which is where we post up.

Day 1 – Meetings, Meetings and Meetings

Just like they sound, Day 1 was full of meetings as the staffs of minor league baseball get together and figure out ways that we can improve various things from the fan experiences at the ballpark to the fan experiences with things like our website. My day started off with a session about some of the new things that will be coming to in 2014,

From there it was on to a meeting about Viral Videos…we had our own viral vid from 2013. Remember this gem? It’s up to over 81,000 views on YouTube and it even got coverage across the pond in England!

Morning meetings concluded before the official opening ceremonies and then an awards luncheon which are highlighted in the video above. The afternoon meetings consisted of a talk from former Curve broadcaster and current Richmond Flying Squirrels announcer Jon Laaser before another website presentation that followed.

It was a quick 15 minute breather before jetting over to the Pirates affiliate reception which you can read about in detail from Rob here, that was attended by everyone you’d expect like Neal Huntington, Frank Coonelly and Clint Hurdle. Coolest food item at the reception? This Turkey on top of cornbread! Delicious!


That was the capper from Day 1. We’ll recap today’s events come tomorrow.

I also have not been able to locate a Winter Meetings Breakfast with the Disney Characters spot yet but I’m going to keep looking.

Also, big thanks to our Director of Creative Services Mark Milligan for that catchy introduction to the video.

– Mike

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