Blogging from the Bus: Reading Rainbow

The Human Cannonball, who due to my lack of photography skills and angle in Richmond is behind the crossbar, prepares to launch on yesterday in Richmond. He’ll be in Curve, Pa. thanks to Peoples Natural Gas and WTAJ-TV on Wednesday, July 17

From the Bus
Richmond, Va. to Reading, Pa. – 257 miles (Travel time: 4 hours, 21 minutes)
Team Movies Watched: 0 (one was attempted but it was either video and no sound or sound and no video)
Broadcaster Movies Watched: 0
Broadcaster Books Started: Inferno by Dan Brown
Hours Slept: 1

A bus ride from Richmond to Reading could be bogged down by lots of traffic since a majority of the trip runs up I-95, which goes by Washington D.C. and swings around Baltimore.  Thankfully, we did not hit much traffic at all on our trek to visit Baseballtown for the only time this season.  That in itself is a bit of a disappointment because Reading is quite a fun place to come and watch a game with all the hoopla and events surrounding the baseball game.

Our entire squad made the trip over to Baseballtown, including RF Alex Dickerson who was involved in a scary play on Sunday afternoon in Richmond and was diagnosed with a concussion.  Alex re-joined the team after the game on Sunday and will be evaluated over the next few days according to manager Carlos Garcia, who spoke to reporters in Richmond concerning Dickerson’s condition after the game.

Also travelling with the trip on the nearly five-hour bus ride was 2012 Curve shortstop Chase d’Arnaud, who joined the Curve on a Major League rehab assignment on Saturday.  He played in the game on Sunday afternoon and will be with the Curve for most of the series against the Reading Fightin Phils.

Q&A: How long can one player stay on a “MLB Rehab Assignment?”

Since the Curve have had more than their share of Pirates players on the mend stop by Curve, Pa. for rehab assignments, we figured it might not be a bad idea to throw some facts out there about just how long players can stay on a rehab with any given club.

Firstly, players that are on ML (Major League) rehab assignments with their affiliates do not count against that club’s roster.  The Eastern League maximum for players on a given roster at any time is 25.  Players that are listed on the disabled list or on a ML rehab assignment do not count against that number.

Now the next question would be, how long can a player stay on a rehab assignment with a given team or, in more general terms, how long can he be on a rehab assignment, period.   The answer to that question depends on which position you play.  If you are a pitcher, you can spend up to 30 days in the minor leagues on various rehabilitation assignments before your parent club needs to make a decision to activate you.   If you are a position player, you are given up to 20 days to spend on rehab assignments in the minor leagues.

There is a nice article that goes much more in depth than this general overview and it can be found here (it’s a bit old but you’ll get the gist of it).  It takes into account other things like options, big league service time and more.

Can we still call them the R-Phils?

If you did  a double-take when reading the paragraph earlier about the Curve going to play the Fightin Phils it wouldn’t totally be out of the question.  That’s because Reading underwent a rebrand in the offseason, well kind of, and changed their team name from the Reading Phillies to the Reading Fightin Phils or if you’re going shorthand, just the Reading Fightins.

As we were on the bus over here, in between falling into a deep sleep and then waking up to read the new Dan Brown book Inferno, I began to wonder if I can still call them the R-Phils.  That was the shorthand name for the team prior to this season, which they embraced with a logo and it was even on one of their jerseys.  Technically, they are still the R-Phils due to the Phils at the end of the name but it just doesn’t have the same ring anymore.

I’ve decided that in this series (and the subsequent ones) that I’ll try my best NOT to call them the R-Phils.

One final note about this trip here to Reading.  I’m quite anxious to see what uniforms the Fightins will be wearing because, quite frankly, they are MiLB’s equivalent of the Oregon Ducks when talking about uniform combinations.

Under the new rebrand, the Fightins have six, yes, six different potential caps that they could wear on any given day depending on if they are home or road.  Along with the hat choices, the Fightins have four different jersey options to choose from.  Needless to say, the starting pitcher’s decision on which jersey to wear just got a heckuva lot harder.

Parting Thoughts

A few uncategorized tidbits that fit well under this title.

– This might be the best 1-2 hotel trip of the season through Richmond and Reading.  I’ve finally been upgraded to “The Tower’ in our hotel in Reading, which I had only heard stories about from others around the league.  It’s nice to finally be included in this elite group of individuals that need special keycard entry. Along with this “Tower” room also comes probably the biggest bed I’ve slept in, maybe ever.  In my travels through Europe you sleep on what is called a European single, which is smaller than a regular twin bed.  I’m pretty sure three or four of these would fit on this bed alone.

– We’ve got a big weekend in store when we get back to Curve, Pa. for Memorial Day with two fireworks shows, a ballpark replica giveaway and some good old fashioned Memorial Day baseball

– I was able to see a very late showing of the new Star Trek while we were in Richmond over the weekend.  I thought it was on-par with the first and would recommend for the action-movie enthusiast.

– This new Dan Brown book Inferno is also quite good so far. I was able to burn through about 33 chapters on the way over last night from Richmond.  Solid stuff so far and boy that Robert Langdon sure has a rough life sometimes.  He and Jack Bauer should swap horror stories.  Did anyone else ever want to see an hour of 24, which is returning by the way next year, where Jack just went to the grocery store and bought Life cereal for Kim, went to pick up his dry cleaning, got a Chipotle burrito and then fixed the fence in the yard?  Riveting stuff.

With that, this edition of the bus blog is over.

— Mike


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