Blogging from the Bus: Triple Features

From the Bus
Erie, Pa. to Harrisburg, Pa. – 304 miles (Travel Time: 5 hours, 21 minutes)
Team Movies Watched: 2.5 (Walk the Line, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Wedding Crashers)
Broadcaster Movies Watched: 1 (The Hobbit)
Broadcaster Books Finished: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Hours slept: 1 hour

It’s that time of the season where the bus trips are starting to get a little longer as the Curve went from Erie after today’s game all the way to the capital of the commonwealth, Harrrisburg, Pa.  With longer, extended bus rides comes multiple movies and also places to stop while we are in transit.  The bus only made one stop yesterday, making a pit stop at the Fullington Bus Depot in State College so we could meet up with our skipper Carlos Garica so he could hop on the bus (he met us in Erie).

I’d never been to a bus depot before, so now I can check that off of my bucket list on places I’d been.  It was as I expected it to be. Full of buses, including the GOPSUSports bus that we had the privilege of riding on a few different trips last season.  That was a nice bus, we wouldn’t mind having that one again 🙂

As for the trip, the Curve have come close the past few days but wound up on the wrong side of the scoreboard in a pair of one-run losses to first-place Erie.  Tomorrow it’s back up and at em versus the Harrisburg Senators and the Curve split with the ‘Sens the last time they were at Metro Bank Park.  Casey Sadler and Jameson Taillon start the first two games of the series and  the two are a combined 2-1 versus the Senators in 2013.

3,000 km to Graceland?

Stefan Welch (left) and Warwick Saupold (right) during BP earlier this year at Peoples Natural Gas Field.

The Curve faced Erie SeaWolves starter Warwick Saupold for the second time this season this past weekend in Erie.  Saupold and Curve IF Stefan Welch both hail from Australia but did not grow up as close as one would think.  Welch was born in Alice Springs, Australia while Saupold was born in Redcliffe.  If you wanted to take a drive between the two cities, you’d have to travel 3,029 km according to Google Maps, or 25 hours of driving.  That’s roughly 1,882 miles or the distance you could drive from San Diego, Calif. to somewhere in between Pensacola, Fla. and Jacksonville, Fla.  Both play offseason ball in the Australian Baseball League and both were members of the Australian team that participated in this year’s World Baseball Classic.

The Hobbit Review

If you read the above I was able to watch The Hobbit on the way over from Erie while the team watch a trio of different films (they only finished one of the three).  I found The Hobbit the film much like the book, and that was, sadly, boring.  I remember seeing The Fellowship of the Ring in the theaters in high school and it was so good that I wanted to go and read the books.  I burned through the entire trilogy I’d say within a few weeks if not a month.  All the movies were great and I own all the extended edition DVDs.

All that said, I tried to pick up The Hobbit (book) numerous times this offseason to read and it was jut so boring.  I’d fall asleep, wake up, try to continue and got nowhere.  I thought maybe if I watch the movie, now I’ll be jazzed up to go and read the rest.  Not the case.  I struggled to once again stay awake on the bus while watching.  I did finish the movie when we got to our hotel but it was like 2 hours and 49 minutes.  Waay too long and it’s only part one.

Special effects were awesome, as to be expected, but I think most can find something better to watch.

Video of the Week

Our video of the week comes to us from the Pittsburgh Pirates because it’s just that super fantastic.  Not sure who’s idea it was to go ahead and recreate the title credits from Saturday Night Live for this year’s Pirates lineups but it was a tremendous one and is one of the coolest ways to see a team introduced I’ve seen in quite a long time.  Many props to the entire Pirates video department for this idea and for executing it so well with the shots of Pittsburgh in the background, etc.  Really Really cool stuff.

I don’t think there is a cooler way we can leave you on this blog post, so we’ll leave it at that.


— Mike


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