Blogging from the Bus: Homeward Bound

If anyone was looking for Waldo earlier this week, no worries, we found him in Richmond
If anyone was looking for Waldo earlier this week, no worries, we found him in Richmond

From the Bus
Richmond, Va. to Curve, Pa. – 271 miles (Travel Time: 4 hours, 13 minutes)
Team Movies Watched: 2 (Slapshot, American Pie 2)
Broadcaster Movies Watched: 0 (it didn’t finish downloading to my iPad before we left #fail)
Broadcaster Books Read: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Hours slept: 1:45

Another 10:30 a.m. day game gone by and another win for the Curve.  With the win this afternoon, the team is now 4-2 in six day games played so far in 2013 so it looks like the 2013 Curve like getting a tan while playing ball too.  All in all, the Curve went 3-4 on this road trip and now its on home to open up a seven-game homestand on Friday night with Erie.

So as you might have read from above the team watched Slapshot on the bus this time back.  Pretty fitting since we’re headed home and the movie takes place just down the road in Johnstown. I’m sure the film resonates a bit more with some of the guys now that they can say they now know where Johnstown, Pa. is and not just a place in a movie.

I was unable to watch the film I had planned to watch on my iPad (The Hobbit) because it didn’t finish downloading at the hotel or at the ballpark before I left.  That’s a rookie mistake and I should have started it earlier but the internet wasn’t as good as expected and I was just plain out of luck.  I wasn’t really all that interested in watching it anyways but it was something to pass time and it was long so that would have been helpful on the lengthy ride home.

Instead, I picked up my book from earlier this offseason called The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and it finally began to pick up.  Not a whole lot like Water for Elephants, this focuses more on the allure and mystique of a night circus and a game between a pair of contestants involving magic and the circus.  Halfway in, it’s getting pretty good.  It’s the first book I’ve really picked up since Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which was tremendous.


Neglected to mention on the last blog entry was the fact I finally got to go see “42” when we arrived in Richmond on Sunday night.  We rolled in about 9:45 and the last show at the theater started at 10:15 so it was perfect timing for me to walk there and catch the show.

It’s a great film that I think any baseball fan would love and it’s good for the generation who has not heard the Jackie Robinson story told before.  Not too overdone, not underdone, I thought it wast just about right.  It didn’t end very well, but then again, how do you really end the film because he goes on to play the rest of his career.

Regardless, carve out some time and go check it out.

Finally, Some At-Bat Music!

It’s usually one of our most-read blog posts of the year and we’ve finally been able to go ahead and get most of the team’s at-bat/pitching music together.  Even better, we’ve tried to link it up to our site so now you can find the link to the at-bat music throughout the season through  Players change songs pretty often so we’ll do our best to keep it updated but for now we’ve got most of them.  Head on over and check it out!

Odds and Ends

Did anyone pick up the reference to the weird movie about dogs going home in this edition of the bus blog title?  Homeward Bound.  Very strange film.  Here’s the IMDB page:

I don’t have any funny videos for you today that I can think of but we’ll see what we can find for the next bus blog.

Homestand starts Friday at 6:30 p.m. with postgame fireworks.  After the game, be sure to hit up T.G.I. Friday’s on Plank Road to meet Nate Baker and Jarek Cunningham (scheduled to appear) for the Extra Innings Party.  They’ll be there for about an hour signing autographs and hanging out with fans.

Until next time….



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