Rollin on the River

From the Bus
Harrisburg, Pa. to Richmond, Va. – 220 miles (travel time 3 hours, 37 minutes)
Team movies watched: 2 (The Sandlot, Lord of War)
Broadcaster movies watched : 1 (This is 40)
Hours slept: 1:20

We find ourselves back on the bus making our way from Harrisburg to the River City, Richmond, Va. to open up a three-game set with the Squirrels beginning Monday at 6:35 p.m. from the concrete behemoth known as The Diamond.

This bus ride feels a bit eerily similar to the last one we took from Altoona to Harrisburg.  Charlie Cutler helped the Curve claim a victory with his two-run double in the 11th inning earlier this morning and then the Curve went out and got a solid seven-inning pitching performance to grab a second straight win. This time, the seven innings was from Oklahoma native Casey Sadler, who matched a career-high with his seven frames dealt this afternoon.  It was the sixth time in his career (and the second time this season) that he’s dealt six innings.

As it appears we are nearly at our hotel in Richmond, we pass a Wawa and the great debate between Pennsylvanians and other east coasters would ensue…which is better.  Sheetz or Wawa?  We’ll leave that debate up to you, the readers of this blog and not off any opinions on the matter. However, Sheetz did start in Altoona.  Not sayin, just sayin.

It was nice to get out of Harrisburg with a few wins and a series split and even nicer to leave with some solid food.  As some may have heard, big leaguers Francisco Liriano and Jose Contreras were in town over the weekend in Harrisburg and when big leaguers come that means super-fantastic postgame spreads.

The team was treated to some Carrabba’s steak and pasta on Friday night and then on Sunday, the team was fed with Outback Steakhouse steak and potatoes.  Shoot, even I got some Outback for my bus ride to Richmond!  Thanks!

I'll take a steak!
I’ll take a steak!

Bus Movie Breakdown

The team watched two very solid movies in the classic film The Sandlot and 2005’s Lord of War with Nicolas Cage.  You can’t go wrong with The Sandlot on the bus, especially after a pair of wins.  Benny the Jet can inspire anymore and who doesn’t want some smores?

As for Lord of War, it’s been a while since I saw this film and I remembered liking it for the most part when it came out.  I did have one problem with it though and that was it was set in the 80s and 90s and at one point in the movie where Nic Cage makes some kind of exchange involving a briefcase full of money, they used NEW $100 bills.  I mean, that’s a pretty easy thing to fix and sort out, clean it up.  There was also another flaw like this in this film but it escapes me at the moment.

Since I had already watched both films, I watched “This is 40” on my iPad after I woke up from my nap.  Quite a funny film Judd Apatow put together as a semi-sequel to Knocked Up.  It’s funny throughout most of the film (their kids are hilarious) and even cooler is that there are numerous references to LOST because the daughter in the film is watching it to help her cope with her teenage years.  I’d recommend to parents to watch on a Friday night when their kids are already asleep or are at a friend’s house.

Coolest Photo of the Year So Far?

While waiting in the dugout pregame on Friday, it was neat to see a few of the younger Curve players gather around MLB vet Jose Contreras to listen to him tell a few stories.  It went on for about 10 minutes or so but it was exactly how players would normally describe it: just soaking up whatever they can from big league guys while they are with you in the minor leagues.

Jose Contreras has some story time before the game in Harrisburg
Jose Contreras has some story time before the game in Harrisburg

The Worst Baserunning You’ll Ever See

To wrap this blog we’ll leave you with this video and it’s appropriate since we’re going to play a Giants affiliate.  I’m not even sure how this got brought up on the bus but as we were making our way to Richmond last night this video was brought up by Gift Ngoepe to show our strength coach Ricky White the example of the worst baserunning you’ll ever see, or at least that’s how it was put by San Francisco Giants broadcaster Jon Miller.  Growing up in San Francisco, I remember this game and seeing the highlights from 2003 while I was living down south attending school in San Diego.

Miller describes it on point and its quite humorous to watch over and over.

Too funny,

Series starts tomorrow at 6:35



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