Blogging from the Bus: Capitals & Rivers

From the Bus
Curve, Pa. to Harrisburg, Pa. – 133 miles (Travel time: 2 hours)
Movies watched: 0
Hours slept: 0:45 minutes

A pair of wins in one day is always nice and it always seems to make a bus ride easier the next day.  With the pair of wins on Wednesday, the Curve finished up their first homestand of 2013, 3-4, and also grabbed their first series victory in the process.

Now it’s on to our first visits of the season to the capital of the commonwealth, Harrisburg, Pa., and the River City, Richmond, Va.  First up on the trip will be a visit to Harrisburg, which is by far the easiest bus ride in the league since it takes right around two hours.  As we roll into the outskirts of the capital, we appear to have some rain in the area so hopefully that clears out before our 7 p.m. game tonight.

For those that do not know, Harrisburg’s stadium, like the one in Curve, Pa., is located right next to an amusement-style park.  In this case, it’s actually a part of City Island, where people can come grab some ice cream, play a round of mini golf and explore when the weather is nice.  Since it is an island, it has been susceptible to flooding and that hasn’t excluded the stadium as you can see here from the picture below.

A flooded Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg, Pa. in 2011 (Photo - Harrisburg Patriot News)
A flooded Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg, Pa. in 2011 (Photo – Harrisburg Patriot News)

This occurred in 2011 and actually forced the Senators, who made the playoffs that year, to play their entire playoff series at Richmond because the field was under water.  Richmond wound up winning that series to advance to its first-ever Eastern League Championship but lost in to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Harrisburg’s hotel is not a former factory for Quaker Oats, like in Akron, but is located in a decent area with some decent food options around it pending you arrive when they are open.  Last season, came to Harrisburg after playing a day game somewhere else (can’t remember where) and got in just as the T.G.I. Friday’s across the street and the Denny’s next door were closing.  Only place open, McDonald’s, and they were also about 10 minutes from closing.  Wasn’t exactly fast food because they had to feed nearly an entire team 10 minutes before they were supposed to close, but it worked nonetheless.

I also ventured to see a movie during my last trip to Harrisburg after a day game and then the cab company did not pick up when I left the movie and I had to walk about 1-1.5 miles back to the hotel, so that wasn’t ideal.

At Bat Songs Preview

Our goal for this road trip is to get the Walk-Up music section of the site going and populated with a solid list now that our team has time to pick at bat songs, change them, and pick new ones during the first homestand.

Off the top of my head, here’s what some of them have been using so far in 2013

Andrew Lambo
Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
Say My Name – Destiny’s Child
Bye Bye Bye – N’Sync

Drew Maggi
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

*Editor’s Note – Former Curve RHP Vic Black, who’s now pitching for Triple-A Indianapolis, pegged Imagine Dragons as a breakout artist last season in I’d guess May.  He had their EP going in the clubhouse one day and then a few weeks or a month later It’s Time became a chart-topping hit.  Solid foresight.

Gift Ngoepe
Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

Tyler Waldron
Blackmill – The Drift

We’ll get the full list up sometime before we get the next homestand underway.

Super…almost near the hotel.  Need to grab some lunch.  It will probably be T.G.I. Friday’s…

Follow us on the road: @AltoonaCurve on both Twitter and Instagram.

Also, since we are on “The Island” tonight and the next three days, be prepared for countless LOST references in the broadcasts when at all possible.

Until next time,



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