Gettin’ down to it.

Oh. My. Goodness. That sound you hear is that of heads exploding with excitement everywhere across the world of Minor League Baseball. Opening Day is just over 24 hours away in Curve, Pa. (Another sound you hear? Rhyming. In that last sentence.) Hot dogs! Cracker Jack! Curverogies! 2012 is upon us and, despite what the Mayans and John Cusack might say, it’s going to be a great one around these parts.

You might know that the Curve is the reason you get out of bed in the morning and the engine that drives summers in the big ’Toona, but what you might know is that you can be even more addicted to the Curve than you already are! Seriously. Not even kidding. Here’s how. Chances are you visit the Curve’s official site regularly. Maybe daily (or hourly). You wait with baited breath for our latest game recaps, press releases, and stories. And you are right to do so. This year, is better than ever. Head to the official site of your Curve for everything from player stats, bios, and highlights to the Curve community calendar, promotions information, and ways to purchase tickets and merchandise. is your headquarters for all other Curve tentacles into the world of the interwebs such as…

Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest: Did you see that movie about Mark Zuckerberg? The Curve’s Facebook page is AT LEAST ten times cooler than that, mostly because our page involves 100% less Jesse Eisenberg. And our Twitter feed and Pinterest page are equally as awesome. Like and follow us for chances to enter into unique and exclusive social media contests, get up-to-the-minute Curve info including in-game updates, and much, much more. Speaking of in-game updates…

Curve Radio Network: If you can’t make a trip to the ballpark (or even if you can!), you can tune into 2012 Curve games on the Curve Radio Network. Covering most of central and western Pennsylvania along with parts of Maryland and West Virginia, the Curve Radio Networks is comprised of seven stations including our flagship, ESPN Radio 1430 (WVAM, Altoona), to carry all 142 games. Mike Passanisi and I will bring you every inning of the 2012 season. Don’t live in the CRN’s coverage area? Never fear…

Online Stream: With a potential audience of seven billion people globally, online Curve broadcasts are the perfect way to stay up-to-date with your favorite hometown team no matter where you are. Through our partner MSA Sports, you can listen to Curve games through your computer by visiting the Curve’s official site and clicking on the link to our live stream. Not near a computer during Curve games? Never fear AGAIN…

TuneIn App: We live in an age of technological glory. Did you know you can listen to thousands upon thousands of radio stations right on your phone? Could you imagine if you went back 20 years and showed someone an iPhone streaming live music or video and then explained to them that that device not only does those things but also holds all of your contacts, emails (even though they might not know what emails are), music, and makes phone calls? Their face would literally melt in front of you.

This year, you can melt 1990s time travelers’ faces with live Curve games on your phone or tablet. Through the TuneIn App, available for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other mobile devices, listen to all the action from Curve, Pa. and points throughout the Eastern League wherever you are on your device via TuneIn. And of course…

The CurveBall Blog: You’re already here. Enjoy it.

That just about covers it for today. Lots of things to get to, players to study up on. The alarm clock is set for 3:00 a.m. for the morning news at Peoples Natural Gas Field, the grills are firing up to cook as many Curverogies as the masses demand, the Bottoms Up beer dispensing system is chomping at the bit to pour up to 44 pints of beer in one minute (seriously) all season long, and somewhere in Altoona, Curve catcher Tony Sanchez has borrowed my car to move a bunch of players into their apartments. Hmm…I might need to start looking for him. Opening Day! Be there!

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