A little German influence in Curve, Pa…

EIGHT DAYS!!  That’s all we’ve got left folks.  Eight days until the Curve and Erie SeaWolves kick off the 2012 campaign on April 5th here in Curve, Pa.  As many of you are probably aware, the front office staff of a minor league baseball team would not be complete without the interns that come and learn the ins and outs of the business in hopes of breaking in themselves one day.  They’re typically fresh of college, or still enrolled, and come from vast parts of the U.S. or from right in your backyard.  However, over the past two weeks we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Nicoli Gwiasta, who has come to the U.S. all the way from Mainz, Germany.  He’s helped out nearly everyone on our staff as we prepare to open our gates to you all for a 14th season and I thought it would be nice if we see how Curve, Pa. (as well as the United States) looks through the eyes of our guest and he was gracious enough to accept!  So without further ado, here’s Nicoli’s take on his time in Curve, Pa.

My Experiences in Curve, Pa.

Hey Altoona Curve fans, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nicolai Gwiasta and I’ve been working at the Curve as an intern since March 19th to gain an insight of how a baseball team works behind its curtains. I’m from Germany and this is my fifth time in the U.S. and, to be exact, my fourth time in Altoona. So I keep coming back to this beautiful country and I assure you that this won’t be the last time I’ll visit the States.  In the following, I want to share with you guys my experiences I had so far at the Curve and tell you what I like about the United States the most.

You might be wondering why a German guy does an internship at the Altoona Curve. You need to know that my cousin lives in Altoona and every ones in a while I visit her for vacation. Furthermore, her father-in-law used to work at the Curve during the season. So the first time I went to the states in ‘06 my cousin took me to a Curve game twice and I was immediately overwhelmed by the atmosphere at the ballpark. I have always been very into sports and when I got the opportunity to do an internship at the Altoona Curve, I didn’t hesitate for one second.

During my two weeks here, I’ve gained a nice insight into the work right before baseball season starts and the Curve office staff gave me the opportunity to see and experience every single department the Curve has to offer. From the ticket sales department to concessions (I hope my ideas for Oktoberfest were appropriate) to assisting John Foreman with some video board graphics (I really liked that a lot) to writing this blog for you guys. I even got to help the groundskeeper in the infield and worked in the stockyard and on top of that I power washed some parts of the ballpark. And what can I say?

First of all, power washing the ballpark is really exhausting work haha. But I can honestly say that I really enjoined the time here and that it was interesting to see how the team behind the baseball team gets all the things ready for the upcoming season. Speaking of the team behind the team; the office staff people are probably the nicest people I have ever worked with and I don’t say that to get a better reference :).  Working with them was so much fun because they’re, in general terms, very funny people. Whether it’s administrative assistant Carol Schmittle, concessions manager Glenn McComas or any other person from the Curve staff (I could name them all); being around them and working with these guys never gets you bored. So basically, these two weeks of my Altoona Curve experience went by just like that. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see the first game of the season because I’ll be flying back home on April 5th. But I’ve already planned my next trip to the U.S. and maybe I will catch a game then. All I can say now is that I had a great time working for the Altoona Curve and I’m very thankful that they gave me the opportunity to experience the work of a baseball team before the season starts.

You might ask yourself what I especially like about the U.S., since I’ve been here for five times. In Germany I’m majoring American Studies at college, so I’m really interested in everything that has something to do with the United States. I probably like the U.S. the most for the people’s positive mentality. The people here are always friendly and caring. Furthermore, the food (I love your burgers and steaks) and the broad countryside is what I really like about the States. I’m also falling for American sports, especially baseball, football and basketball. This list could go on forever but I think it’s easy to see that I just love the United States.  So anyway, I hope the Altoona Curve and all its fans will have a great season. When I’m back in Germany, I will regularly check how the Curve is doing. 

I have to say, Nicolai couldn’t have come to the Altoona at a better time in terms of weather as this has been one of the nicest and warmest March’s on record.  Hopefully the nice weather doesn’t leave with him.  We’re also glad he got to experience March Madness, which probably pales in comparison to any football matches over there, but, nonetheless. We’ve enjoyed having him, thank him for helping us get ready for this upcoming season and hope that he’s listening from Germany via the MSA Sports Network when the Curve take the field on April 5th.

Things are coming together here at the park pretty quickly.  We’re getting new store items, like the one here, in left and right so we’ll be fully stocked for Opening Night.  If you haven’t picked one up yet, our 2012 Yard Signs have made their way to Curve, Pa. so stop by today and grab one for your front yard.  In fact, you don’t even have to stop by the office to grab one as they’re lined all along Park Avenue in front of the ballpark!  Just stop by and grab one as you pass by (just make sure you don’t block traffic).

Put one in your yard today!

That’s all for now.  I’ve got to get back to work putting the program together for the first series!  Yikes….

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