Blogging from the Bus (probably the first of many times)

Well our first road trip is off and underway after the game last night in Richmond.  I have to say that even though The Diamond is a concrete behemoth and is a bit out-dated, it’s still a very neat place to watch a game.  Anyways, I had a chance to put down some words and thoughts about our first trip on our nice 4.5 hour trip over here yesterday and now I’m just finally getting around to actually putting online for you all to read so here goes…


It was a crazy and exciting first five games for the Curve during the season’s first homestand and now the team finds itself on a five (ish) hour bus ride to Richmond so I figured there’s no better time to recap what’s been going on at the ballpark and preview our upcoming road trip since I’ve got some time.

The bus left at 8 a.m. today and we’re slated to get to Richmond sometime between 12 and 1, depending on traffic and Becki (our bus driver) of course.

A 3-2 record and five games out of six played in the early parts of April in the northeast isn’t a bad feat for a team’s first homestand.  It looks like the club once again started to hit the baseball in what turned out to be the final game of the series on Tuesday night (a 6-1 win over Akron).  Tyler and I had a great time calling first few games at home in front of some great crowds and excited fans.

We hope that you enjoyed some of our new contests on the field if you came out to the first few games this season.  If you didn’t, when you do come for your first game of 2012 in Curve, Pa. you’ll see some new things like the Laurel Eye Clinic Laser Tag, the Sorbera Lose It to Win It Challenge and our very own rendition of live-action Angry Birds in the Allegany College of Maryland Angry Birds: Ballpark.  Yes, we have a slingshot on the suite level that we launch Angry Birds on to the field in and contestants must catch the Angry Birds while trying to avoid being taken out by our pig (the very same one from Angry Birds) in shallow right field.

All in all it was a pretty fun homestand, especially with the news that the Pirates will be making their way back to Curve, Pa. for the first time since 2000 to play an exhibition game before the beginning of the 2013 season.  It’ll be a great way to kick off the 15th season of Curve baseball and also celebrate the tremendous relationship that we have with our parent club, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We’ve also got something else up our sleeves that Tyler will be putting out on facebook sometime here soon as a reward for such a fun first homestand.  Two lucky fans will have an opportunity to win a pretty unique on-field experience thanks to but check out our facebook page for more on that.

You might be asking what are others doing on the bus for a 5ish hour ride?  Sleeping, of course.  Last season, we had an outfielder Jose Hernandez who sat behind me on the bus rides early on in the season and I swear Jose would fall asleep as we strolled out of the parking lot at the ballpark in Curve, Pa. and then arise when we got to the hotel in our destination city.  It was remarkable and I wish I had his sleeping skills.  I can usually only get a given hour or two of sleep in on the bus and it’s not constant but it is nice.  Movies are also some things that go on but other than that, it’s pretty much a bus ride.

I did not purchase any movies to watch on my iPad this trip but put a few classics on there to pass the time (Back to the Future II, which if I’m not mistaken ranks as No. 1 on our Dir. of Mascot and Brand Development Bill Bettwy’s favorite movies of all time, and also Definitely, Maybe because it’s quite humorous).  I’ve also been a bit behind the times with the Dan Brown books so I bought The Lost Symbol which I hope to read throughout this trip as well.

If anyone has any good recommendations on things to read, by all means throw them our way (either here in the comments or at the Curve twitter/facebook) as I always enjoy a good read (other than team media guides of course, which are also fun).  No suggestions for Game of Thrones, though, as I tried to read those and they were just abysmal and boring; I couldn’t get past the first 40 pages of the first book.

I’ll try to work on that list of players at-bat and entrance songs while I’m on the road and report back later in the trip.  It’s supposed to be a sold-out crowd at The Diamond tonight in Richmond and their mascot, Nutzy, is allegedly flying in on a jetpack to kick off the season and that only brings back memories of Cliff and the movie The Rocketeer from the mid-90s with Jennifer Connelly.  Seen now only on the SciFi Channel once every 6 months.

Listen in while the team is on the road online by clicking the Gameday Audio link from our site (online stream provided by the MSA Sports Network) or you can even listen to our games on the TuneIn Radio App for your iPhone, Android, Windows 7 or other smartphone device.

Signing off for another nap…


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