Mischievous Flex Books and a Westward Swing for Al Tuna

Another week gone in 2012 means it’s another week closer to Opening Day 2012 (which is now 54 days and change away).  We’re even closer to the Pirates reporting to Bradenton, Fla. for Spring Training, which is just eight days away (Pitchers & Catchers report Saturday, February 18th).

Here in Curve, Pa. we’ve been busy getting some more elements in place for the upcoming as well as offering a sweet pre-Valentine’s Day sale for you the fans.  Today (Friday, February 10th) is the last day that you can get 20% off 2012 McDonald’s Flex Books (which means that a Grandstand Flex Book is as low as $48).  Each book contains 11 ticket vouchers plus a value coupon for McDonald’s!

We got the idea because of these mischievous Flex Books who were having a little too much fun around the office paper cutter and well..you’ll see what happens by clicking the link below:

In addition to the Flex Book sale, we’re also offering $100 off a suite rental if you book by the end of the day on Monday, February 13th.  That’s 1 Ben Franklin, 20 Abraham Lincolns, 100 George Washingtons…you get the picture.

MLB.com has been back at work and has come up with the Top-20 prospects in the Pirates’ system and a fair number of them have either played in Altoona or could be headed for Curve, Pa. in the near future.  Check out the Top-20 by clicking the link below :


We’ll leave you on this Friday with some more of Al’s adventures as someone sent me some more pictures of the sight-seeing, world-travelling Al Tuna.  All had a little West Coast Swing in this edition as his stops took him through the Lonestar State (which in case you didn’t know has the highest posted speed limit in all of the USA of 80 mph during the daytime hours on Interstate 10), Yuma (Arizona) and also America’s Finest City…San Diego, California.

A big thanks to Jeff for sending in his photos and if you’ve got any you’d like to share..please send them over!

That’s all for now…

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