Ned Ryerson…Bing!

Morning Curve faithful!  Hope your first few days of the second month of 2012 are going well.  Even better news, one more day until the weekend and two more days until the Super Bowl!  Happy Groundhog’s Day wishes I believe are in order and how about this weather huh?  40s and 50s in February!  Gotta love that.

Apparently Phil saw his shadow this morning so it will mean six more weeks of winter but if it’s this kind of winter I’ll definitely take it!  I’ve always wanted to head over to Gobbler’s Knob and watch the ceremonies to check it off my bucket list but in my two years here in Pennsylvania have yet to make it out there.  Punxy Phil was here at the ballpark though on August 15, 2010 for Punxsutawney Night and actually ate food out of my Ziploc storage container…I was honored!

As most of you probably heard already, we had some big news of our own here at the ballpark on Tuesday as the Curve forged a unique partnership with Peoples Natural Gas and will now play their games at Peoples Natural Gas Field.  Lots of exciting things are already underway  as we plan to put up some new things around the stadium.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to see some of the new things that will be in place, check out the photo below.

Since the weather was so nice out yesterday we actually went out and measured off the area behind home plate so things are in progress here at Peoples Natural Gas Field with Opening Day just 62 days away.  With this kind of weather, we could play a game right now!

Speaking of games, they’ll be here before you know it as the Pirates pitchers and catchers report in just 16 days on February 18th.  Minor league players typically report sometime around or before March 1st and before you know it the 24 man Curve roster will be ready to take on Erie on April 5th.

We’ll switch gears and wrap up the post with Super Bowl talk.  Everyone does something different for the big game but one thing is for certain and that is that people stuff their faces with lots of glorious (not so good for you) food.  So does anyone have a favorite recipe for a dip or dish they make for Super Bowl Sunday?

My go-to favorite is always Onion Dip, which must be made the night before so it has time to set.  Very simple, just take 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix and mix it with 1 16oz. container of Sour Cream.  The Lipton packet might say only good for 8oz. but don’t be fooled, two packets in a 16oz. container is onion overload.  Best served with Baked Ruffles or Ruffles in general..gotta have a ridged chip for the dip.

Feel free to post recipes here or on our facebook page so we can all enjoy a plentiful Super Bowl Sunday and the food coma that follows on Monday.

Happy eating,

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