The Hats of Curve, PA

Curve - National Hat Day

by Trey Wilson 

It seems like every day is “National (insert absolutely anything) Day” lately, but sometimes these made-up, so-called holidays give us a chance to dig into the things that hold a prominent spot in the baseball world.

Like National Bobblehead Day last week, National Hat Day fits right in with baseball culture. After all, the baseball cap borrows its name and style with roots in the sport, but stretches far beyond the sport itself. It’s easily the most common style of hat worn in the United States, and it has been that way since long before Jay-Z started claiming credit for its popularity.

The Curve have worn a variety of caps throughout their first 18 seasons, none more unique than the reversible rally cap introduced back in 2011.


When the team unveiled its new primary home cap prior to the 2011 season, it featured a unique twist: A rally cap lining depicting the team’s rally mascot, Al Tuna. Curve fans are familiar with Al popping out of the outfield wall to pump up the crowd when the team is trailing heading into the bottom of the ninth. These lids play on a decades-old tradition of ballplayers and fans turning their hats inside out to try and spark a rally.

Here are some of the caps worn by the Curve throughout the years:

The early years (1999-2010)


A new era (2010-present)

UPDATE: Added the 2016 Stars & Stripes cap:

Cody Dickson | Stars & Stripes 2016

Of course, there are many other types of hats out there. And we have a few of those around here.

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