The Bobbleheads of Curve, PA

Photo Jan 07, 1 21 01 PM
A sample of the bobbleheads given away at PNG Field over the years.

by Trey Wilson

Today, January 7, is the annual National Bobblehead Day.’s Cut4 compiled a list of the best bobbleheads of 2015. Not one, but TWO Curve bobbles made the cut!

To celebrate, we have compiled a list of some (but not quite all) of the bobbeleheads that have been given away here at Peoples Natural Gas Field over the years.

We have also had plenty of unique non-bobblehead giveaways here over the years, including figurines and statues, but to keep to the spirit of National Bobblehead Day, only bobbles are featured on this list.

Jordy Mercer Lloyd Christmas 2015
Jordy Mercer / Lloyd Christmas (2015)


Andrew McCutchen MVP 2014
Andrew McCutchen MVP (2014)


Punxsutawney Phil 2015
Punxsutawney Phil (2015)


Starling Marte Partay 2015
Starling Marte Partay (2015)


Tony Elementary My Dear Watson 2015
Tony “Elementary, My Dear” Watson (2015)


Steamer Dashboard 2015
Steamer (2015)


Pedro Alvarez 2014
Pedro Alvarez (2014)




Pete Vuckovich 2015
Pete Vuckovich (2015)


Rico Washington
Rico Washington


Sean Burnett
Sean Burnett


JR House 2002
J.R. House (2002)


Saint Francis 2009
St. Francis (2009)


Adam Hyzdu Throwback 2008
Adam Hyzdu (2008)


Brock Holt 2013
Brock Holt (2013)


Jerome Bettis 2003
Jerome Bettis (2003)


Adam Hyzdu 2001
Adam Hyzdu (2001)


Andrew McCutchen 2007
Andrew McCutchen (2007)




Dale Sveum 2001
Dale Sveum (2001)


Nate_McLouth 2009
Nate McLouth (2009)


Zach_Duke 2005
Zach Duke (2005)


Neil_Walker 2007
Neil Walker (2007)
Steamer (2005)
Josh Bonifay (2005)
Steamer (2001)
Al_Tuna 2011
Al Tuna (2011)


diesel_Dawg 2003
Diesel Dawg (2003)


Mario_Lemieux 2003
Mario Lemieux
Sean Burnett

UPDATE (1.0): We’ve added the bobbleheads from the 2016 season!

Out of this World Andrew McCutchen (2016)
Bob & Joan Lozinak (2016)
Altoona Area HS Mountain Lion (2016)
Bishop Guilfoyle HS Marauder (2016)

UPDATE (2.0): We’ve added the bobbleheads from the 2017 & 2018 seasons!

2017 bobbleheads
The bobbles from the 2017 season
all bobbleheads 16x9
Fans voted for their favorite Curve players at each position and it resulted in an 11-bobblehead series for the team’s 20th season
pacifico bobble
Altoona Mayor Matt Pacifico (2018)

We are less than 100 days from the start of the season, and 2017 Mini Plans are now available.

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