Winter Meetings Diary: Day Two

Day two of the Baseball Winter Meetings was not as hectic as the first but still productive nonetheless with most of the staff devoting a good portion of their time today to the Trade Show, which is taking place at the neighboring Convention Center. Much has been written on this blog about what goes on at the trade show, which is the hub for activity for a majority of the teams in attendance. Need a company to make that Gerrit Cole Garden Gnome? Find one at the trade show. You want to do a custom Shark Tank Fish Tank Ornament? Yeah we can do that, come check out our booth at the trade show. What new Nike merch will there be in 2015? Check out the trade show. See a recurring theme?

Burger Dog

One thing that caught my eye while I was here was something known as Uncle John’s Burger Dog. I can honestly say I’ve never had a hamburger hot dog so obviously you need to try this foreign food item. Honestly, it kind of tasted like a regular hot dog but with the inner texture of a hamburger. Not really all too sure what to think about it actually. Watch the video here: for more of a breakdown from the gentlemen himself who was making the Burger Dogs.

Cake Balls

Another item that caught our fancy as more of a treat were these delicious cake balls. Take some cake batter…add a bunch of sprinkles…Boom instant deliciousĀ dessert.

A few of us also spent some time at the Trade Show doing a little final research to put the finishing touches on our promo calendar for 2015. You’ll see many giveaway items in 2015 as every Friday home game will be a giveaway night in Curve, Pa. We’ll have some bobbles (maybe even another gnome?) but there are definitely some new items that we’re gonna throw into the mix for 2015 that should strike your fancy.

I’ll wrap this post up with an entertaining story from the elevator here at the Hilton Bayfront. The elevators here are real quick going up, not so quick going down. I was in a hurry to get to a meeting with the folks at BAM (Baseball Advanced Media) about the new website improvements we’ll be seeing for the 2015 season. Thankfully, I walked out of my hotel room and someone had already pushed the down button to expedite the process.

In making a joke with the good sir about the elevator he asked what team I worked for and who we were affiliated with so I told him the Curve/Pirates. Upon hearing that info he said he used to play for the Pirates back in the early 90s and then we moved on to talk about the success of the current Buccos and the revival of baseball in Pittsburgh. At the end of the conversation, I caught his name. Bucco catcher Don Slaught. 16 year MLB vet with a career batting average of .283. I then proceeded to embarrass him with me recalling all of the old Don Slaught cards I used to have when I collected cards as a youth.

Until tomorrow,

— Mike

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