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Curve fans…All-Star Week is here! The Curve are wrapping up their series in Harrisburg today and then it’s on to the Eastern League All-Star Stop presented by UPMC Health Plan! We’ve got a ton of events coming up over the next two days so we thought we’d help break it down in this edition of the blog.


Tuesday, July 15 | Gates Open: 5 p.m. 

We’ll kick off the events of the two-days with gates opening at 5 p.m. and that will be followed by Curve, Pa. Heroes Game presented by AMBUCS Altoona & The Altoona Mirror. The softball game between the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and the Curve, Pa. Alumni will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and be played like a traditional softball game.

Playing for the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team will be:
Leonard Anderson (US Air Force)
Saul Bosquez (US Army)
Tom Carlo (US Marines)
Justin Feagin (US Army)
Matias Ferreira (US Marines)
Mike Gallardo (US Army)
Lonnie Gaudet (US Army)
Chris Hutton (US Army)
Todd Reed (US Army)
Josh Wege (US Marines)
William Wilk (US Army)

Playing for the Curve, Pa. Alumni Team will be be:
LHP Mike Connolly
C Chris Snusz
IF Ray Navarrete
IF Jack Wilson
OF Kory DeHaan
OF Miles Durham
OF Adam Hyzdu
OF Tike Redman

POW/MIA Seat Dedication | Following Heroes Game
Between the Curve, Pa. Heroes Game and the Ghostman Games & Hitting Challenge, the Curve, in conjunction with the Altoona Mirror, will dedicate Seat 3 in Row 3 of Section 112 as a POW/MIA seat. That seat will remain vacant for every remaining Curve game as well as any non-game day event in honor of those who are unaccounted for. In addition to the seat, a plaque will be installed above section 112. This ceremony will be performed by the Rolling Thunder (American Legion Riders Post 12), who are based out of Somerville, N.J.

Ghostman Games & Hitting Challenge | Begins approximately 7:45 p.m.


Since Peoples Natural Gas Field is larger than your normal ballpark, we’ve decided to have a little fun with our version of the Hitting Challenge. We will use the childhood “ghost runner” to act as a run multiplier during the Hitting Challenge portion of the Games.

For a complete listing of rules to the Ghostman Games & Hitting Challenge, click here

Part I
In the first part of the Ghostman Games, the Eastern and Western Divisions will participate in a series of five mini games to try to accumulate extra ghost runners for the second part of the competition. Three ghost runners will be available in each of the five competitions. The competitions will be winner take all (so one division will win three ghost runners, while the other will win none). The five mini games are:
– Bubble Gum Blowing (on the Rocky Gap Casino Resort Entertainment Deck): Members from each division will square off to see who can blow a bubble the fastest. Both teams will start at the same time and the next team member cannont begin to blow a bubble until their prior teammate has blown a bubble and stuck it on the table. First division to get through their players first wins.
Mascot Dodgeball (on the field behind home plate): Members of the East and West will get a chance to play some dodgeball and they’ll be trying to pick off Curve mascots. This will be a timed competition and the team that dispatches of all the mascots the quickest will win the ghost runners
Disc Toss (centerfield): Think of this as a giant game of closest to the pin. We’ll have two members from each division throw three discs apiece from the second base bag. Whichever team’s discs are closest to the pin will take the ghost runners.
Accuracy Challenge (behind home plate in the Toyota Diamond Club): How accurate of an arm do the All-Stars have? We’ll see in this accuracy challenge. The team that throws the most bean bags through the target will win this competition.
Tennis Ball Shoot (on the field): This will involve six players from each division with three manning a slingshot and three set up in the outfield. The goal is to shoot a tennis ball using the slingshot to your teammates in the outfield. The team that catches the most balls on the fly will take the competition.

Part II
Once the mini games are complete, we’ll get to the home run hitters of the Eastern League. The Eastern and Western Division will each have three participants in the Hitting Challenge. The only types of hits allowed in the hitting challenge are doubles (anything to the warning track on the fly) and home runs. The East will hit first, followed by the West. The team with the most runs at the end of the competition will win $10 Chipotle Gift Cards for each member of the team. The player that drives in the most runs for his team (winning or losing team) will win the competition’s trophy.

Eastern Division Participants:
Peter O’Brien (Trenton) – 19 home runs
Gary Sanchez (Trenton) – 9 home runs
Kennys Vargas (New Britain) – 15 home runs

Western Division Participants:
Willy Garcia (Altoona ) – 12 home runs
Michael A. Taylor (Harrisburg) – 18 home runs
Christian Walker (Bowie) – 20 home runs

Ghostman Jersey Auction
The jerseys that will be worn during the Ghostman Games & Hitting Challenge will be auctioned off beginning when gates open on Tuesday. Every player and coach jersey is up for bid with all of the proceeds going to an Action Trackchair that will be gifted upon Jaime Heverly of Altoona. AMBUCS Altoona, in conjunction with the Altoona Curve, have selected Jaime to receive an Action Trackchair, which will give Jaime the chance to once again enjoy the outdoors with a chair equipped to handle all terrains.

Bidding for the jerseys will close in the middle of the first inning of the Ghostman Games. Fans that have a winning bid from the auction will be allowed to come down to the field to claim their jersey. This will happen after Jaime Heverly has been presented with her Action Trackchair, which will follow the Ghostman Games finale.


Wednesday, July 16 | Gates at 4 p.m. 
All-Star Experience (Fanfest)

The All-Star Experience is your chance to meet the stars of the Eastern League All-Star Stop and you can do so in many different fashions and locations around the ballpark. While one division is taking batting practice, the other division will be rotating through the different stations throughout the ballpark.  The schedule will be as follows. For locations of specific players, please check the video-board in left-center field the day of the event.

4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Eastern Division Batting Practice
Western Division FanFest
– Players from the Western Division will be spread out through the four stations and switch locations at 4:30 pm.

5:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.
Western Division Batting Practice
Eastern Division FanFest
– Players from the Eastern Division will be spread out through the four stations and switch locations at 5:45 p.m.

Player locations around the ballpark are as follows:

The Social Media Suite (4 players) | Location: Kids’ Zone Behind Ollie’s Cheap Seats
Get Social with the stars of the Eastern League All-Star Stop with our social media suite. Take photos with the All-Stars, tweet to your friends, post to Facebook. Do it all from the Social Media Suite

Rent-A-Center Gaming Lounge (2 players) | Location: Second Level Concourse behind home plate
Most of these guys will one day be in the show but today you can play a little MLB The Show with the Eastern League All-Stars! Hang out and play a few rounds of Home Run Derby on a pair of 50” TVs and PS4s

Mojo Pitching Cage (4 players) | Location: Above the US. Foods Picnic Pavilion
Test your arm strength and see how you compare to some of the best stars in the Eastern League at our Mojo Pitching Cage

Cornhole (2 players) | Location: Rocky Gap Casino Resort Entertainment Deck (Left Field)
Head out with a group of friends and play a game of cornhole or “bags” against the stars of the Eastern League All-Star Stop.

Autograph Zone (12 players) | Location: On-Field behind home plate
Get autographs from your favorite Eastern League All-Stars during the All-Star Experience

Those players who were in the autograph zone for the first 30 minutes of their fanfest block will disperse to the other four stations while the players that were at the other stations will all come to the autograph booth for the final 30 minutes of their fanfest block.

 All-Star Clash
7 p.m. 

The Eastern and Western Divisions will meet in the E.L. All-Star Clash presented by UPMC Health Plan. The game will be played to nine innings and will not end in a tie. If after nine innings the game is tied, we’ll go to a shootout, per say. Each division’s manager will pick three batters to compete in a impromptu Home Run Derby. It’ll work just like an NHL shootout in terms of scoring. The division with the most homers at the end of three batters will be declared the winner of the game. Should the game remained tied after the shootout, we’ll go to a sudden death version.

Postgame Fireworks 
Following All-Star Clash


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