This Week in Tweets: May 26th – June 1st

This edition of Week in Tweets covers Memorial Day to the first day of June! This week we cover everything from honoring servicemen and women to Adam Hyzdu to stranded ships to a beautiful weekend of games here in Curve, PA.

We started with Memorial Day as we honored all of our veterans, service men, and women who sacrifice everything for our country.

We got a surprise update on one of our famous alumni… Adam Hyzdu. We are campaigning to get him to start Tweeting!

Another former Curve player has made it to the Show.

We then ran into trouble when we learned that our Marte Oven Mitt’s were stranded at sea. Luckily, a pot holder and voucher were given out as an “I.O.U.”

Diesel got in on the #SheetzTag.

You guys were killing it with the field pics this weekend.

We also got a treat on Saturday May 31st. Air Force Staff Sgt. George Frondek surprised his mom by dressing as the catcher as she threw out the first pitch for her 50th birthday! Welcome home Staff Sgt. Frondek!

We love our fans here in Curve, PA…

We agree with Holly.

And for our Tweet of the Week! It goes to Kayla who finally made it to Altoona for the entire weekend of games. We are glad she made it out and had a great time! Make sure to message us to claim your prize!

And as always, keep tweeting!

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