This Week in Tweets May 19-25

This Week in Tweets showcases a cheers to “Cheers,” school kids days, and ended with the team in Erie to take on the SeaWolves. As always make sure you read all the way to the end to see if your tweet is our weekly “Tweet of the Week” which would make you our winner!

We started the week celebrating the 21st anniversary of the last episode of “Cheers” with special beers, a double curve burger, mail carriers, and a couple of very special guests to have a beer with.

Then we had back to back School Kids days and one left with a nice souvenir!

We hope this guy got some Curve gear to go with his West Virginia and Bradenton gear.

AJ Morris continued his hot streak at home.

Willy Garcia iced the game for the Curve as they took the victory.

We announced a special ceremony that will happen between our Heroes Game and the Ghostman hitting challenge for day one the of the All-Star Stop. We will be dedicating one of our stadium chairs to all of the POW/MIA soldiers.

Shout out to our official photographers, Moments Photography, with this picture of Matt Curry.

We think this a great present.

Curry went deep in the top of the 9th to seal the first game against the SeaWolves.

And our weekly staple…

And for our “Tweet of the Week!” It goes to @blcartwright and his granddaughter Tamia! Please message us so that you can claim your prize!

And be sure to keep tweeting as your tweet may make you next week’s winner!

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