Big Heads, Earmuffs and We Were on TV…Twice!!

As we blog on this the last day of February, the temperature outside is in the single digits and the field is still covered in snow but we move on towards Opening Day which will be here in just about a month!

If you have missed some of the news of the past week, you missed a lot! We announced most of our 2014 Giveaways and Celebrity Appearances this week and we’re pretty excited with the lineup that we have laid out for 2014. So far, your response has been pretty positive, which is awesome and we hope you’re as excited as we are for some of the cool stuff we’ve got going on.

An infographic with all the big news from this week can be found here:

Curve EarmuffsThe first opportunity to purchase individual tickets for the 2014 season will be tomorrow at Baseball Bash presented by Forever Broadcasting from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. here at the ballpark. We’ll have a bounce house for the kids to jump in, mascots to say hi to and those that come to bash can even try out our new Plinko-style board game! The first 250 individual ticket buyers tomorrow will get a free gift of Curve earmuffs with their purchase thanks to Ravine Uniforms and if you chose to complete the self-guided Ballpark Scavenger Hunt, you could be eligible to win a suite rental for one regular-season Curve game in 2014 (excluding the All-Star Game, Opening Night and the Fourth of July).

Speaking of earmuffs, we’ve had to watch when we talk about them around the staff. They tend to get a bit jumpy and are easily confused sometimes….

We Were on TV! (Mike Wazowski Voice)!

The Altoona Curve made two different appearances on national television this week for the most random of reasons. Our first stint on the national stage was courtesy of the MLB Network on Tuesday during their morning show. Remember 2011 & 2012 Curve IF Brock Holt. Well during the 2012 season we had a pretty epic set of baseball cards with some pretty awesome poses, Brock’s being one of them, and somehow MLB Network got a hold of that card and found it to be just as hilarious as you or I would have.

A video of the card breakdown can be found on our instagram page, here:

The second appearance came last night during the nationally televised Penn State-Ohio State Men’s Basketball game up at the BJC in State College. Earlier in the week Penn State reached out and asked if we could help them make some “big heads” of our mascots for their student section for the game. We were happy to oblige and figured that Steamer and Al Tuna would be the best options for the crew.

So we went to work on constructing the heads as you can see below. It does help that we have a 3′ Canon Image Prograph printer in our offices thanks to McCartney’s. Basically, each head was either 4′ wide (in the case of Tuna) or 4′ tall in the case of Steamer.


Now, for a minor plug…many might wonder where this “big head” behind the basket trend started…well…it was at my alma matter..San Diego State, who was earlier ranked in the Top-5 this season and still resides in the Top-15, with a student section called “The Show”. Don’t believe me? Check out this Sports Illustrated article about it:

Back to our mascot heads…we used to pieces of 30×40 foam board, fastened them together with some wood shims on the back, and made two solid big heads for the students.

They made their debut last night right around 7:45 during the first half of the game (a game that Penn State would go on to win).

Here’s some of twitter love they received:

And it was one of our staffers who caught a glimpse of Steamer behind the basket..

So…mission accomplished!

With that, we’ll end this week’s blog post. As I was writing this, we got some exciting news about one of our appearances that just confirmed. We’ll announce it on Monday and we think you’ll love it.

See you tomorrow at Bash

— Mike


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