Since We’ve Been Gone….

To say it’s been awhile since we reported in on the blog would be an understatement. In looking back on the last post before this one we find ourselves in sunny Orlando, Florida. Man…I remember that day like it was yesterday. 83 degrees, 60ish degrees at 5 a.m. the morning that we left. A far cry from the extremely cold temps we’ve had here in Curve, Pa. throughout the winter.

But..enough about the weather. I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what the heck we’ve been doing here for last few months. So here goes with the recap.

Late December: After we returned from the Winter Meetings and PirateFest, we spent about a week in the office before we took a break for the latter half of December and into the New Year. We brought a lot of interesting things back from the Winter Meetings and one of those, which we alluded to on here, was an app that fans would use as an interactive tool while at the ballpark that acts similarly to MLB’s At the Ballpark App for those that have used it. Things on the app front are moving forward as we speak.

January: Once you hit that first day of the New Year you really know that Opening Day will be here in a jiffy. We’ve been plugging away at populating our 2014 Promotional Calendar, which we should be releasing come late February in preparation for our annual Baseball Bash, which will be March 1 of this year.  As a sliver of secret info, there’s some good stuff in this year’s batch of Promos including some celeb appearances, solid giveaways highlighting former Curve (now Pirates) stars and of course a plethora of fireworks options.

Something that is really really neat that we’ve got lined up for 2014 is called Tagboard. Used by a variety of MLB and college athletics teams, Tagboard is going to help us integrate all the social interaction from you the fans on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc. into some really awesome content that we can display on our website and also on our video board during games. We’ll leave it at that for now but suffice it to say, we’re pumped.

While it has been cold around the area, that hasn’t stopped us from reworking some areas around the ballpark as you’ll see below.

We’ve partially replaced and are still in the process of replacing carpet in the Press Box and Suite areas of the ballpark.

On the left you'll see the main press box area where the media normally sits. On the right, the home radio booth looks a bit disheveled.
On the left you’ll see the main press box area where the media normally sits. On the right, the home radio booth looks a bit disheveled.

Painting has also been a big part of the offseason projects of our Facilities Operator Doug Mattern, who has painted a ton of areas around the ballpark including the home clubhouse and our main indoor batting cages just to name a few.

The batting cages now feature red columns and a much softer off-white paint along the sides.
The batting cages now feature red columns and a much softer off-white paint along the sides.

There are some other changes in store for the outer portion of the ballpark as well but we’ll leave that for another time.

National Anthem Tryouts Nearing a Close

We’ve had a great time during our first two National Anthem Tryout Tour stops in Altoona (Feb. 1) and our first-ever trip down to the Country Club Mall in LaVale, Md. last Saturday. We’ve had a total of about 113 people try out between the two stops and are looking forward to our final stop this coming Saturday at the Johnstown Galleria in Johnstown from 9 a.m. to noon.

Helping us judge throughout the three-hour stint will be WJAC’s Melanie Gillespie (@MelanieWJAC) and Kerri Corrado (@Kerri_WJAC), Rocky 104.9’s Dave Troxell (The X-man), Johnstown Tomahawks (@johnstowntomahawks) president Rick Bouchard and Mix 94.7’s Adam Erikson (@AdamErikson).

For highlights from each of the past two stops, check out the vids below:

Altoona Stop

LaVale/Cumberland, Md. Stop

I think that’s going to do it for this post. We’ll check in more frequently now that Spring Training is basically here and we’ve got baseball in just a few months! Oh, and as a little heads up….watch our Facebook and Twitter accounts tomorrow (Wed, Feb. 12) for your chance to win a Gerrit Cole Autographed baseball. We gotta celebrate the official start of Spring Training right?

— Mike


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