Bus Blog: Rock of Ages

From the Bus
Curve, Pa. – Akron, Ohio (199 miles, 3: 21 travel time)
Team Movies Watched: —
Broadcaster Books Finished: Inferno by Dan Brown
Hours Slept: 1.5  hours

Akron, Ohio – Binghamton, N.Y. (383 miles, 5:53 travel time)
Team Movies Watched: American Pie, Shawshank Redemption
Broadcaster Movies Watched: The Great and Powerful Oz, Upside Down
Hours Slept: 1 hour

Binghamton, N.Y. – Curve, Pa. (251 miles, 3:51 travel time)
Broadcaster Movies Watched: Warm Bodies

I sincerely apologize for the distance between posts but it has been quite hectic around here, especially coming off the last road trip from Binghamton and then turning around and playing again over the Fourth of July Weekend.  It was quite the fun weekend in Curve, Pa. over the weekend and was made even more fun by the video that we’re sure you saw and might even think it’s fake.

For a certainty I can tell you the Foul Ball in a Cupholder video is most certainly real as the ball did indeed land just to my right outside the broadcast booth.  It was the weirdest thing I’ve seen at a game in Curve, Pa. since I started working here and it’s probably one of the oddest things I’ll see on a baseball field ever.  Big props should go to Justin Rhodes, who caught the entire thing on film and helped make the video even remotely possible.

If you didn’t catch it earlier this week, here ya go.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

During the team’s last visit to Akron, I took a morning to go out and visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, which is about 45 minutes away just outside of downtown Cleveland.   Admission into the Rock Hall was $22 for my adult self and overall I think the Rock Hall is a place that you can spend 3-4 hours in or 1-2 hours in, depending on how much and how intricately you’d like to be.

Me?  I was on the 1.5 hrs range, rolling in right when it opened at 10 a.m. and leaving a little before noon.  There’s definitely a lot of neat exhibits but man there’s also a lot of reading.  Learning some of the history of Rock n Roll was cool but I thought looking at some of the memorabilia, etc. was the neatest part of the museum. However, there are only so many versions of different guitars, so many outfits and so many setlists that you can see.

That being said here’s photos of a few things that stuck out during my visit


In the above photo, No. 48 is what stuck out to me the most – the Sony Discman.  I’m 99.9% sure that’s the exact same Discman that I owned and played my first CD on back in the mid 1990s.  Remember when discs used to skip and then you had to like balance the Discman on a pillow so that it didn’t skip when you went over bumps in your car?  Then eventually it went to like 20 and 30 second anti-skip protection.  Thank goodness those days are gone but nonetheless it was nostalgic to see this fine piece of history to remind me how far I’d come since listening to Mr. Big and his one hit wonder.

Clear Guitar

This guitar was one of the other neat things that I saw while at the Rock Hall.  It was totally, impeccably clear!  It was used by one of the guitarists in Metallica back in the day and was one of the most unique guitars that jumped out at me. It was filled up with water as well that you could see swirling around as he played it.  That’s unreal.

The Last Akron Trip

Nate is currently on this trip to Akron, which is the last that we’ll be making this season.  A couple of interesting facts about the trip I was on, though, before we go.

– The Quaker Square Inn, which is where we stayed the first two trips, is no longer an operating hotel.  We can proudly say we were the last people to stay in the hotel, as it is now being converted into a dormitory for the University of Akron students to stay in.

– The trip to Akron and Binghamton as a whole incurred 5 hours and 36 minutes of rain delay time.

– The photo below was one of the more heart-warming moments I’ve seen in the game since I began calling baseball in 2006.  Our game on Saturday, June 29 was delayed two hours (1:58 to be precise) before we played Game 1 of the doubleheader that night. Dave Wilson, who calls games for Akron, had brought his son to the ballpark for the games and he usually just hangs out in the booth and watches Sponge Bob Square Pants, etc.  Well with the first game being delayed by 2 hours, we didn’t start Game 2 until 10:31 p.m.  This shot was taken sometime around 11:30 (the second game finished after 12:30 a.m.) and Dave’s son had long been passed out.  Except wanted to fall asleep next to his dad.  So Dave did the remainder of the game like so.  #DadoftheYearAwardWinner

Dave Wilson

Nate will be on the call this weekend in Akron and then the Curve return home next Monday to a jam-packed homestand, which includes a long-awaited appearance of the Human Cannonball in Curve, Pa.

I’ll have the next trip to Trenton and New Hampshire, which is looking like it will include a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Vermont, time permitting.

– Mike


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