Blogging from the Bus: First Road Trip

New Britain Rain

Altoona to New Britain Connecticut (6 hours, 1 minute; 369.9 mi.)
Movies watched: The Dark Knight, The Blindside, Million Dollar Baby
New Britain to Altoona
Movies watched: I am Legend, The Mist, National Treasure
Broadcaster hours slept (0)
Books Read: Inca Gold by Clive Cussler

The 2013 season marks my fourth season in minor league baseball and the Curve is the fourth different team that I have worked for in the last four years.  There is one thing that I had not done through my first three years, and that was to head out on a road trip.  I was given the opportunity to do so this week as the team travelled to New Britain for our first look at the Rock Cats this season.
Most of the trip was spent driving through the rain.  We did make a pit stop in Scranton to get some dinner, where my restaurant of choice was Panera.  Panera was selected partially because of its close proximity to the bus and me forgetting a rain jacket.  Mostly, I chose to eat there because of their new pasta meals, which are quickly becoming one of my favorites.
The Dark Knight was the first movie of the trip and one of my personal favorites.  I wasn’t a big fan of super heroes growing up, but the newer movies have started to catch my attention.  This was followed by the Blindside, an award winning film about Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher.  There is no way that you can’t enjoy a heart-warming sports film on the bus.  A third award winning film–Million Dollar Baby–was shown as the finale on the trip there.  It’s another great movie that is often underrated.  Luckily, we arrived at the hotel before the gut-wrenching end of the film.
I Am Legend kicked things off with a bang on the trip home.  As usual, Will Smith was good in the film, and I recommend checking this movie out if you haven’t already seen it.  The second movie we watched on the way home was one I hadn’t seen before–Stephen King’s The Mist.  I am not a big Stephen King fan, but the movie was alright with a big twist at the end.  We capped the trip with another one of my favorite movies, National Treasure.
All the rain that plagued us on the trip up to New Britain continued for most of our stay, forcing us to play a doubleheader on Wednesday and to be postponed on Thursday.
New Britain’s press box was laid out differently than any I had been in before.  The window opened up into the front of press row and there was a side window that opened up into a booth occupied by the Rock Cats media relations department.  I liked sitting directly behind the official scorer because it allowed me to hear his rulings and deliberations on close plays as they were happening.
Rock Cats prospects
New Britain has one of the most prospect-heavy teams in the entire Eastern League.  The Curve will be the first team in the league to get a look at the recently promoted Miguel Sano.  Sano was ranked by Baseball America as the top prospect in the Twins system for the past two seasons.
The third baseman hit a pair of sacrifice flies, driving in the only runs that the Rock Cats managed in the doubleheader on Wednesday night.
On the whole, I enjoyed my first trip out on the road with the team. I’m now looking forward to being back at home for Father’s Day Weekend before heading out on the road again to Bowie.


2 thoughts on “Blogging from the Bus: First Road Trip

  1. I like your story but I don’t know who you are! Did I overlook your name somewhere? Are you the guy who hosted the kids’ press conference yesterday (June 24)? If so, you did a good job: kids were at ease yet professional.
    — Daphne Ollman, *senior* Curves fan

    1. Sorry for the delayed response, it’s been a busy few weeks. Nate was the one that went on his first road trip, I (Mike) was the one who hosted the Kids’ Club press conference a few weeks back. I’m glad everyone had fun at the press conference! It was a neat idea and we think the kids liked it.

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