Snow, World Traveling and the like…

Happy Friday again Curve fans.  We hope those of you that read this who live in the Northeastern part of the US are staying warm with the cold temperatures and impending Winter Storm Advisories.  In case any of you had not heard, our Performer Tryouts scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, January 21st) have been postponed due to the Winter Storm advisories and will now take place on Saturday, January 28th from 9 a.m. to noon in the JCPenney Court at the Logan Valley Mall.

We apologize for the change in date and hope to see you all next Saturday at Logan Valley Mall!

In other news, we’re on the downhill slide toward Opening Day 2012 and we’ve done something throughout the offseason that all of you out there in cyber space seemed to enjoy and that is post pictures of Al Tuna (our lovable rally mascot) from some of the most famous spots in the world.  We appreciate the photos and try to post as many of them as we receive from fans that have taken Al on their travels.

One fan, Jerry Cox, submitted his photos of Al Tuna from his trip that he took back in December and we wanted to share them with you in one entire post.  Al has gotten to see some pretty cool places this offseason and here are the photos from Jerry (and friends) trip.

This is Al Tuna at the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, which if memory serves me right from my quick trip in London is everyday at 11:30 a.m.
Al takes a look at the Tower Bridge in London, which was completed in 1894. One of many great sights to see in London
Al visits the Tower of London, which has been around for just a little bit longer than Al...
Al enjoyed a night out at Trafalgar Square, which is located in central London
A familiar site to all, Al visited Westminster Abbey

Al looks like he's on the ferry from the White Cliffs of Dover (England) on his way to France

An interesting note about the ferry ride from the Cliffs of Dover (also a popular song by Eric Johnson) is that you can pay for things on the ferry in both British Pounds and Euros (since Euros is the type of money used in the EU, which France is a part of).  However, if you pay in Euros, you’ll get your change back in pounds.  The ferry ride lets you off in Calais, France and is about 90 minutes.

Jerry’s last picture came from Calais, France as Al did a little shopping on Boulevard Jacquard.

Time to get your shop on!

That’s all we’ve got for today.  Thanks again to Jerry for sending us the photos and if you’ve got any or are planning on taking Al on a trip, send us some photos and we’d be happy to share them.

75 Days, 10 hours, 14 minutes, 56 seconds (give or take) until Opening Day….

P.S.  Did anyone watch Alcatraz on Monday night?  Guess this shot of Al didn’t make the cut….

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