Extreme Room Makeover

Goood morning everyone out there in the blogosphere!  It’s another week of the offseason here in Altoona and I know that last post I eluded to the fact we’d be talking about our upcoming Yuengling Oktoberfest event but instead this week we’re going to get a look at one of the Community Service Projects that the Curve have been working on since early August, which was completed earlier today!

How we got started:

The Altoona Curve volunteered to help the St. Vincent DePaul Society this summer.  We didn’t want to just help in the kitchen so we asked if there was any other job that needed to be done.  Sister Pauline had an idea!  She had been wanting to do something to spruce up the laundry room for years, but other jobs took priority.  She walked us back to the room and as you can tell from Step 1 – it was a dismal place.  This room was the original kitchen that Sister Paula started cooking in 20 years ago!  The lighting was terrible, the windows were broken..the room wasn’t a place that anyone would want to spend any amount of time in.  We decided that we could help with this project – it may not be as ‘Extreme’ as you’d see on TV, but we’d do our best!  Mission accepted!

Help us – help others:

We knew that we couldn’t just go out and buy all of the stuff we needed because it just wasn’t in the budget this year.  So we wrote up a donation request letter and hit the streets.  We called on Sears of Altoona for paint supplies and Ray totally came through for us!  We called on Home Depot of Altoona for fluorescent bulbs, wafer & framing boards and more and Neil really hooked us up!  We called our friend Timmy at New Pig for counter tops & lighting fixtures and we were once again grateful!  Bettwy Electric helped with upgrading the room.  YBC of Altoona donated ceiling tiles and a new window.  The Hite Company, Curve fans & staff also donated items & money in order to complete the job.

Phase 1: 

The first phase of the project began on August 3rd when Elsie Gibney and a few players (Brad Chalk, Mike Colla, Aaron Pribanic, and Aaron Thompson) went over to visit St. Vincent de Paul to assess what needed to be done.

Before Picture
The "before" pictures of the laundry room at St. Vincent de Paul

Phase 2:

The second phase of the project was to remove everything from the room and do as much clean up work as possible (scrubbing of floors, washing of windows, etc.) before the real repair and upgrade work began.

Aaron Thompson (center), Brad Chalk (left) and Aaron Pribanic (right) begin to clean the windows
Aaron Thompson (left) and Aaron Pribanic (right) take to cleaning the floors

Phase 3:

Once everything was cleared out and cleaned up, the first thing to undergo a face-lift was the paint in the room.

Mike Colla takes on a wall with the paint roller
Brett Sinkbeil tackles his wall with fresh coat of paint

Phase 4:

With the walls freshly painted, it was time to move on to the next phase of the restoration project: lighting and window framing.  Elsie called in the help of Stadium Ops Manager Kirk Stiffler to help re-frame the windows and install new lights in the room to brighten it up a bit.

Kirk Stiffler measures up the window for a new frame
New lights were installed in the room as well

Phase 5:

With new lighting and everything all ready, it was time for the final step of the project.  See below for the finished product.  Thanks again to all of those individuals and businesses that donated their time and/or products to help make this project a success!

3 thoughts on “Extreme Room Makeover

  1. Great job folks!!! It looks great. You can’t go on a Volunteer In Mission trip with your season schedule, but you were able to do a local project. Many thanks!!

    1. Thanks Mike!! We appreciate the kind words! They do such a wonderful job every day at the soup kitchen and it was great to take this off their list of things to do! Our community is blessed to have such a place as well as businesses and residents that continue to give each and every time we ask for help!

  2. Great blog here! Also your website loads up fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?

    I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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