Rule Changes in Baseball


With the news that the NFL is changing the way they do kickoffs, and the discussion that has ensued, I felt it would be interesting to take a look at some of the rule changes in baseball and grade their effectiveness and impact on the game. (Information thanks to Baseball-Almanac)

Rule: In 1908 the sacrifice fly rule was adopted, revoked, but then re-instituted in 1954.
Grade: C+
Although not as deliberate a sacrifice as a sacrifice bunt, the sacrifice fly can be used as an important strategic move in any baseball game. Simply getting a baserunner to third with less than two outs is a tough task and teams will want to score that run, the sacrifice fly allows that to happen without the benefit of a hit. The rule itself is good in my opinion, I think if you can be ‘doubled off’ a base, then you should be allowed to advance from the base on a caught ball as well. It adds more scoring to baseball, and can be the difference between a win or a loss and that’s fine, because I feel the run is earned. The part of the rule I don’t agree with is the fact that it doesn’t count as an at-bat.

If a player hits a sacrifice fly, it counts only as a plate appearance and not as an at-bat, so it doesn’t hurt their batting average. However, how many sacrifice flys are truly that, a sacrifice? Most sacrifice bunts are exactly that, giving up yourself to move a baserunner, however, a far less percentage of sacrifice flys are truly the intended purpose of the hitter. Some hitters may be trying to simply bash a home run and hit a sacrifice fly by mistake. I think the sacrifice fly should count against a player’s batting average, because they already receive an RBI as a reward and it can’t be proved if they are truly making a sacrifice.

Rule: 1889, Four balls becomes a base on balls
Grade: A+
The rule was bumped down from 6 in 1884, and 5 in 1887, let’s face it, if you can’t throw three strikes before four balls, a walk needs to occur.

Rule:1968, the anti-spitball rule was written
Grade: A+
That’s gross.

Rule: 2008, Limited instant replay allowed on home runs or fair or foul calls.
Grade: C
If you have the technology, use it. I’m not saying balls and strikes should be determined by a computer, but similar to football, I think the managers should be allowed one challenge each game that may be used on out calls on the basepaths. The variable of a strikezone adds to the intrigue of the game, but the rule of safe and out is so cut and dry that I think if a play is going to change a game drastically, a replay can be used. Only allow one a game so the run of play isn’t affected. If this rule were amended, we’d at least have one more perfect game in MLB history!

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