Online Jersey Auction/Throwback Jerseys


In honor of the Altoona Curve’s Online Jersey Auction going on right now, CurveBall Blog is going to pay homage to some cool throwback jerseys.

First of all, click here to check out the auctions going on right now, you can score yourself a pretty awesome jersey for $80 (minimum bid) and even one worn by current or future MLB player. How many people can say they own a baseball jersey actually worn by a MLer, so check it out.

So, in honor of the opportunity for our fans to get their own throwback Curve jerseys, here are some awesome throwback jerseys.

Joe Sakic


Recognize this logo? It’s the Quebec Nordiques, formerly of the NHL. The Nordiques left the NHL in 1995 and led by their captain Joe Sakic, won the Stanley Cup in their first season as the Colorado Avalanche.

Brett Favre


Known mostly for wearing the Green and Yellow of the Packers…and even the threads of the Jets and the Vikings, not many people know that Brett Favre made his NFL debut with the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons drafted Favre and played the 1991 season in Atlanta before getting traded. Favre went 0-for-4 passing with Atlanta with two interceptions and got sacked. However, this jersey is still popular.

Bo Jackson

bo-jackson-throwback-jersey.jpgBo Knows. Jackson was the first athlete to be named as an All-Star in two major sports as he was an All-Star in the MLB and NFL. He also won the Heisman Trophy in 1985. Although his playing career wasn’t as tremendous as his hype, Jackson made it with endorsements, his own line of video games and of course his slogan “Bo Knows.” Obviously, his ‘Royal’ blue jersey is a classic.

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