Altoona Curve Facebook Bracket Challenge


Yesterday, around 1:00 p.m. on the Altoona Curve Facebook Page this status was displayed:
Facebook.jpgAlmost immediately after the post was made, more than 64 people had spoken up to be included in the inaugural Altoona Curve Facebook Bracket Challenge.

How the teams were determined:
In order to ensure a fair draw, the teams were determined in a random manner. The 64 people who responded were broken down into 4 groups of 16. From there, a random number generator was used to assign a number, 1-to-16, to each person that entered. The number each person was assigned was the seed of their team in their section of the bracket.

The person paired up with the winning team will receive four free tickets to the Altoona Curve Opening Day game on April 14th at 6:30 p.m. and an invitation to join us for our “Champions of Curve, PA” celebration (click here for information). Also, don’t worry if you’ve drawn Northern Colorado or Hampton because the Curve will be running more fun contests and maybe you’ll have better luck next time! Thanks for playing and here’s the bracket: (Click the link to the left or click on the bracket itself to enlarge the picture)


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