Baseball Bash is Tonight at BCB from 5:30 to 8 p.m.


Baseball Bash User Guide: Through the Eyes of a Child

Baseball Bash is tonight (March 11th) at Blair County Ballpark from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Information on the event can be found here.

For the purpose of today’s blog post, my name is Charlie, a 10 year old Altoona Curve fan.

The alarm clock goes off, it’s time for another day of school, but today I’m not tired or reluctant to get up when I hear that buzzing noise. It’s Friday, and after school I’m headed to Blair County Ballpark for the Altoona Curve Baseball Bash.

Ever since I was old enough to walk, I can remember going to Curve games and I’m excited that the season is almost here. I labored through the day, although I aced my pop spelling quiz in fifth period English…Who gives fifth graders pop quizzes anyway?…but I made it through the day.

When I get home, no messing around, I did not pass go I did not collect $200 and I didn’t even grab the mail (one of my favorite things to do). I got straight into my homework for the weekend. I wanted to make sure I was ready to go with no excuses to get to Blair County Ballpark for Baseball Bash at 5:30.

Homework done, we’re ready to go. I have my Curve hat on and my Curve T-shirt is under the winter jacket my mom made me wear even though the Bash will be heated and weather-protected.

First thing I want to do at Baseball Bash is make sure I get every 2011 game I want to go to in my favorite seat since today is the first day of individual ticket sales. I consult the team’s promotional schedule and figure out which games are an absolute must.

After getting the tickets, we head inside to grab the free food and drinks that the Curve will be giving away today. The food here is always great and it reminds me of summer.

My belly is full, but my work at Baseball Bash is nowhere near done. I see a sign-up table for the Altoona Curve Kid’s Club and I don’t even have to use my allowance to join because it’s free!

Next on the agenda is to meet the Curve’s New Mascot Tenacious C. I have had my picture taken already with Steamer, Diesel Dawg and Al Tuna before, so meeting the new mascot and adding a picture with him to my collection was awesome!

Now that the food has settled in my stomach, it’s time for some fun. The Curve have great activities set up, but my favorite is the bounce house! After bouncing around, I grew a little tired so I decided to take a break, and since American Idol is one of my favorite shows, I head on over to check out the National Anthem Tryouts for a little bit. Some of the people trying out were really great!

It’s almost time to get ready for the Fireworks but I remembered to make my way to the Curve Stockyard to see all the new merchandise. If I do well on my next report card, I’m going to ask for a new logo Curve hat!

Baseball Bash has been a blast so far, but the best part is at the end. It’s almost 8 pm and I find a great spot to watch the Fireworks. The sky lights up with all kinds of cool colors and it really reminds me of summer even though I still have school on Monday.

The show is over and so is Baseball Bash. It was the case before, but now I really can’t wait for Opening Day.


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