The Bobbleheads of Curve, PA

Photo Jan 07, 1 21 01 PM

by Trey Wilson

Today is National Bobblehead Day, and to celebrate, we are taking a look back at some of the bobbleheads given away at Curve games over the last 19 seasons.

Our bobbleheads have picked up some acclaim in recent years. In 2015,’s Cut4 recognized two of our bobbleheads in their list o the top bobbles of the year. Last year, recognized two of our 2017 bobbles in their year-end rundown.

We have already announced 11 bobbleheads coming your way in 2018 with the Fans’ Choice All-Time Curve Team selections.

Here is a look at (most of) the bobbleheads from our first 19 seasons in Curve, PA. We have also had plenty of unique non-bobblehead giveaways here over the years, including figurines and statues, but to keep to the spirit of National Bobblehead Day, only bobbles are featured on this list.

The Hits
Some of our most popular bobbleheads over the years have been the ones with a unique twist, from pop culture references to plays on nicknames and more.

Photo Jan 07, 3 25 33 PM
Jameson Suit & Taillon (2017)

A sharp-dressed Jamo.

Photo Jan 07, 3 22 52 PM
“I Gotta Have More Josh Cowbell” (2017)

We realized we didn’t have a lot of giveaways that featured the cowbell, so along came a tribute to one of Saturday Night Live’s classic sketches. Bruce Dickinson (yes, the Bruce Dickinson) said we had what appeared to be a dynomite bobblehead. Coming from him, that meant a lot. This bobblehead also included a bobblehand for just the right amount of cowbell.

Photo Jan 07, 3 26 15 PM
Gregory “El Coffee” Polanco (2016)

Caution! Hot coffee! This bobblehead came along in 2016, featuring Gregory “El Coffee” Polanco as a barista ready to serve you up some fresh java. Clearly he’s had a sip or two himself, with his caffeinated eyes and jittering, bobbling hand.

Out of this World Andrew McCutchen (2016)

Andrew McCutchen as an astronaut. Because he’s out of this world.

Punxsutawney Phil 2015
Punxsutawney Phil (2015)

Punxsy Phil came down the hill from Gobbler’s Knob to throw out a ceremonial first pitch, correctly predict six more weeks of baseball (a playoff appearance) and see his bobblehead for himself.

Tony Elementary My Dear Watson 2015
Tony “Elementary, My Dear” Watson (2015)

The former Curve and Pirates pitcher made getting outs look “elementary.”

Starling Marte Partay 2015
Starling Marte Partay (2015)

We brought the Marte Partay to Curve, PA in 2015, complete with party hat, a gift and some cake.

Jordy Mercer Lloyd Christmas 2015
Jordy Mercer / Lloyd Christmas (2015)

Some say former Curve and current Pirates infielder Jordy Mercer looks like movie star Jim Carrey. Jordy even dressed up as Lloyd Christmas from “Dumb & Dumber.” And then we made it into a bobblehead.

Andrew McCutchen MVP 2014
Andrew McCutchen MVP (2014)

McCutchen grew from top prospect in Altoona from 2006-07 to winning the NL MVP Award in 2013 with the Pirates. Here’s a nod to that journey.

Pedro Alvarez 2014
Pedro Alvarez Silver Slugger (2014)

A silver bat to commemorate Pedro’s Silver Slugger Award in 2013.

Brock Holt 2013
Brock Holt (2013)

Because it’s Brock Holt.

Photo Jan 07, 3 10 10 PM
Nate McLouth Gold Glove (2009)

Nate McLouth won a Gold Glove Award in 2008. The next year, Curve fans got this bobblehead to commemorate the award and the outfielder’s 2004 season in Altoona.

With all the great stars who have come through Altoona, we’ve been able to feature quite a few on bobbleheads over the years.

Adam Hyzdu Throwback 2008
Adam Hyzdu (2008)

This Hyzdu bobblehead was given out in 2008 and featured the “fauxback” uniforms the team wore for select games that season.

Neil_Walker 2007
Neil Walker (2007)

Neil Walker was one of the Pirates’ top prospects when he returned for a second season in 2007.

Andrew McCutchen 2007
Andrew McCutchen (2007)

Along with Walker, the Curve had another future Pirates’ star on the team in 2007 in Andrew McCutchen.

Photo Jan 07, 3 17 09 PM
Josh Bonifay (2008)

Josh Bonifay is tied for the most career homers hit by a Curve player. Here is his head bobbling on top of a bobbling baseball.

Sean Burnett
Photo Jan 07, 3 12 46 PM
Zach Duke (2005)

Zach Duke was lights-out with the Curve in his brief run in Altoona in 2004. The next year, he was a bobblehead.

Photo Jan 07, 3 19 05 PM
Sean Burnett (2003)

One of the early Curve stars, Sean Burnett was the first Curve pitcher to ever be featured on a bobblehead.

JR House 2002
J.R. House (2002)
Rico Washington
Rico Washington

J.R. House and Rico Washington were the first Curve players to have a bobblehead given away during a season in which they played in Altoona.

Dale Sveum 2001
Dale Sveum (2001)

Dale Sveum managed the Curve for three seasons before an MLB coaching career that has included stops in Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee and Kansas City.

Adam Hyzdu 2001
Adam Hyzdu (2001)

The first Curve bobblehead was, of course, Adam Hyzdu, who still holds many of the team’s all-time records after a tremendous run from 1999-2000.

There have been nearly as many mascot bobbles over the years as their have been player bobbles.

Photo Jan 07, 3 23 14 PM
Luau Loco (2017)

From Parrothead Night, Loco all ready for a luau.

Photo Jan 07, 3 25 45 PM
Al Tuna “Revenge of the Fish” (2017)

From Star Wars Night. Everyone’s favorite rally mascot swims in from a galaxy far, far away.

Steamer Dashboard 2015
Steamer (2015)

As part of his retirement farewell night, Steamer with his beloved bucket of popcorn.

Photo Jan 07, 3 21 17 PM
Al Tuna (2011)

Al Tuna in 2011, showing off what was, at the time, one of the brand new Curve logos.

Photo Jan 07, 3 15 24 PM
Steamer (2004)
Steamer (2001)
Steamer (2003)
Photo Jan 07, 3 28 34 PM
Gumby Steamer
diesel_Dawg 2003
Diesel Dawg (2003)

Local high school mascots:

Photo Jan 07, 3 25 54 PM
Central HS Dragons (2017)
Photo Jan 07, 3 26 04 PM
Hollidaysburg Area HS Golden Tigers (2017)
Bishop Guilfoyle HS Marauder (2016)
Altoona Area HS Mountain Lion (2016)

And the rest…

Photo Jan 07, 3 29 44 PM
Bob & Joan Lozinak (2016)

Celebrating our franchise’s founders and owners’ induction into the Blair County Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

Pete Vuckovich 2015
Pete Vuckovich (2015)
Photo Jan 07, 3 08 42 PM
Tillman (2013)
Saint Francis 2009
St. Francis (2009)
Photo Jan 07, 3 17 38 PM
Parney (2008)
Photo Jan 07, 3 21 28 PM
Mario Lemieux (2003)
Jerome Bettis 2003
Jerome Bettis (2003)

There’s a look at some of the bobbleheads from the first 19 years of Curve baseball. Don’t forget, there will be 11 All-Time Curve Team bobbleheads coming your way for our 20th Season Celebration in 2018.

UPDATE: The bobbleheads of the 2018 season!

all bobbleheads 16x9
Fans voted for their favorite Curve players at each position and it resulted in an 11-bobblehead series for the team’s 20th season
pacifico bobble
Altoona Mayor Matt Pacifico (2018)

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