The Season of Steamer

Since 1999, Steamer has entertained fans in Curve, PA (Mark Olson / MiLB)
Since 1999, Steamer has entertained fans in Curve, PA (Mark Olson / MiLB)

The 2015 season has been a big season for our big green guy. He’s had a lot going on from injury to retirement to a season long tour throughout the Eastern League.  Here are the main points summarizing this outstanding season for everybody’s favorite green train.

  • March 18 – Steamer falls down the stairs on his way to see his brand new ATV from Steve Seltzer that Steamer would be riding around the field this season. Steamer ended up breaking his left distal radius (left wrist).
  • March 24 – Steamer’s left wrist was operated on by Dr. Port. The surgery was a huge success and Steamer was to make a full recovery within 6-8 weeks.
  • April 8 – During his down time recovering from his broken wrist and surgery Steamer had some time to think, and wrote a letter to Curve fans and had it published in the Altoona Mirror. The letter stated that after the 2015 season Steamer will call it quits as the full-time mascot for the Curve. He promised he would return in the 2016 season for a select number of games, as well as make appearances at certain games for all seasons to come.
  • April 16 – Steamer holds a press conference before the opening home game with Curve General Manager Rob Egan. At the press conference, Steamer accepts the job as the Curve’s new C.F.O (Chief Fun Officer). He will oversee the mascot department from afar and be in charge of all things mascot. Steamer announced that throughout the 2015 season he would go on tour, the first of its kind. He would travel to a single game at each Eastern League ballparks.

            Steamer The Last Ride Tour Dates:

            May 21- Portland, ME                               

            May 22 – Manchester, NH                       

            June 11 – Reading, PA

            June 29 – Harrisburg, PA

            June 30 – Trenton, NJ

            July 9 – Erie, PA

            July  23- Akron, OH – Steamer’s only road win, during Akron’s nationally televised game

            August 5 – New Britain, CT

            August 14 – Richmond, VA

            August 23 – Bowie, MD – Steamer sat the bench as the Curve are in a tight playoff race.                                               

  • May 1 – Steamer’s cast is taken off and his wrist is fully recovered.
  • Aug. 27 – Steamer Day – the Altoona Curve celebrate Steamer’s last official game as the team’s every day mascot. The team wears Steamer-style jerseys/caps and the franchise gives away Steamer dashboard bobbleheads.

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