Making the Cole Gnome

The first of many Pirates-themed giveaways in the Gerrit Cole Garden Gnome will be handed out to the first 1,500 fans today(Saturday) thanks to Peoples. We tried to honor some of recent and distant Curve players that have gone on to become stars with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cole is the first in that series. We knew we wanted to do a Garden Gnome as a giveaway this season but weren’t sure which player we should do. So we thought, who on the Pirates has the best beard that played for us? It came down to Cole and we went from there.

Putting a giveaway together is not an easy process and we thought this year as we giveaway some of our items, we detail the behind-the-scenes process of how they come to be. So, here goes…

The Gerrit Cole Garden Gnome

Before you can begin on the giveaway you must give the folks something to work with. So, we started off with Gerrit’s headshot from when he was here with us back in 2012.


That photo went over to the folks who sculpt up the first mock up, which came back, looking like this:


So off the bat we had some things to amend. Firstly, the 13 needed to be moved to the left abdomen, instead of the right. We also wanted his gnome beard to reflect his actual beard that he had at the end of last season (and now again this season) so we wanted them to move the beard up on to his face more. As you can see above, it hangs below in the first mock.

After relaying the changes, here’s what the second mock came back as


All the changes were made, the logo was turned the right way on the cap and now it was on to painting this little guy…



As you can see from the first paint, the Curve on the black was a little tough to read…plus with our current uniform set we don’t have a black jersey so we elected to go with a white set of overalls.

Here was the gnome when it left the factory..


And here it is in Curve, Pa. waiting to be handed out to you today! The first 1,500 fans will get one tonight (Saturday, May 17) thanks to the folks at Peoples. We hope you enjoy the giveaway!


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