The Week in Tweets: April 7-13

G’day Socialites!

We’re here in Harrisburg waiting to open up a three-game series with the Harrisburg Senators, Double-A affiliates of the Washington Nationals, tonight at 7 p.m. from the iconic City Island. While we get set for tonight’s game, let’s revisit last week with our second Week in Tweets.

We began the week with our first games ever against the newly minted Akron RubberDucks and some of our fans got in on the action (and were also taking advantage of our new Tagboard feature at the ballpark with the #SheetzTag hashtag)

Our catcher Ralph Henriquez celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday…

WTAJ Sports Reporter Jacob Kaucher had to be bored on Monday and found our GM Rob Egan’s film stardom in Major League 3: Back to the Minors and shared it for all the world to see.

Someone at Buffalo Wild Wings then hit the rainout button on Monday night so all the Pirates affiliates could apparently watch the National Title Game…

Nick Kingham got some love from the family on Twitter after his start on Sunday since we were rained out Monday…

Fans in QuAkron are getting excited for our trip there later this month…

We got our first #StetsonBomb of the season on Tuesday night

We then couldn’t resist the Mighty Ducks inspired tweets in our first game with the RubberDucks

Some more props from the fam…

Then we walked it out..

Someone apparently didn’t know we were giving away a Marte Oven Mit…FeDro to the rescue..

Then we put out the first picture of the future giveaway…which people really seemed to enjoy.

The folks from Ward Transport had a good time at the game on Tuesday in our McCartney’s Biz Ball Suite..which is a great place to have meetings BTW…

We offered to write this young lady a doctor’s note to get out of work…

Kaucher is back…Blueberry Bob is bad at racing. This you should know by now Jacob.

Someone caught a pretty neat foul ball

Someone booted up the flux capacitor and went waaay back for this TBT

Then Nick Kingham joined Pirates Pregame when we got to Richmond…

Where we had awesome weather…Light sweater? That’s funny.

Adrian Sampson dealt in his first road test of 2014 and the Curve won on Thursday and then….sang Backstreet?

Looks like we got a verbal commitment from Chris Snusz to suit up in a mascot suit at some point during the UPMC Health Plan All-Star Stop. Maybe he can give Blueberry Bob the power he needs to win.

Our hats are indeed awesome. Thank you kind sir.

We heart flip flops.

And that, folks, is our week in tweets. We’ll see ya next week with a few Easter eggs for ya…

— Mike

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