Opening Week In Tweets

Mother nature definitely thew us a couple of Curveballs, pun intended, during Opening Week but we were able to come out on the other side and get three of our four games in. Before we start the second week of the season today and welcome in the RubberDucks of Akron (yep, that’s really their name), let’s take a look at Opening Week in Tweets.

Originally scheduled Opening Day starter Nick Kingham saw we had snow but no worries, that melted in time for the early part of the week.

Steamer then headed on over to WTAJ for a stint on Central, PA Live on Monday and found WTAJ Weather Guru Joe Murgo…and proceeded to take a selfie, which caused some jealousy in the Twittersphere

After that it was on to Media Day, which occurred under decent skies and weather and the first-ever team photo selfie in franchise history

We did actually take a traditional team photo, which was captured here by some of the folks at WJAC-TV

And then this happened….

Fans were pumped for the Opener…

Al Tuna even got up early to hang out with WJAC-TV on Thursday…

But that darn mother nature didn’t let us play it until Saturday. We saw way too much of Tammy the Tarp on Thursday and Friday…

A week on twitter wouldn’t be complete without some Seinfeld references…

We finally got our Opening Day underway with a double on Saturday….

Then had our first Youth Baseball Clinic of the season on Sunday….

And then Nick Kingham & Co. led the Curve to their first win of 2014

We welcomed the 5 millionth fan on Sunday too and even got a shoutout from the 1 millionth fan!

It was a whirlwind week. Now we’re on to week two! Check back next Monday for another Week in Tweets



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