Blogging from the Bus: Zippy

From the Bus
Erie, Pa. to Akron, Ohio – 125 miles (Travel Time: 2 hours, 4 minutes)
Movies watched: 1 – Life of Pi
Hours slept: :50

So Quaker Oats had a roo(t)s (University of Akron joke) in Akron huh? Sweet.
So Quaker Oats had roo(t)s (University of Akron joke) in Akron huh? Sweet.

That was a tough loss to end the series in Erie but in baseball you must have a short memory as we are hopefully off to bigger and better things as we now go to Akron, Ohio. This trip in to the Rubber City will be the first of three trips the Curve make here in 2013 with the last trip coming just after the Eastern League All-Star Break. We will be staying in a different hotel than in years past when we arrive in Akron so I’ll be curious to see how it compares to the old one. One of the best perks of the last hotel was that you could walk to the ballpark.

Oscar Nod for Move #1
The first bus movie of the year turns out to be one of the best picture nods in “Life of Pi”. I was able to see five of the nine best picture nods prior to actual Oscar Sunday but this was one that I missed. Unfortunately I had work to do on this bus ride over and haven’t paid much attention to the film. Plus, I think it’s one that should be watched on a glamorous 3D, LED HDTV with a tub of popcorn and some sweet tarts, no? Nonetheless, a great choice to get the movie watching on the bus started for the 2013 season.

Familiar Faces in Akron
We leave a few familiar faces in Erie in Ramon Cabrera (2012) and Derek Hankins (2007-2010) and find another tomorrow when we get to Canal Park in 2011-12 Curve outfielder Quincy Latimore. Latimore led the Curve in home runs in each of the past two seasons before an offseason trade swapped him to Cleveland for Jeanmar Gomez, who now is pitching for the Pirates. We’ll try and catch up with the man known as “The Double Deuce” while we are here in Akron this week and play the interview on the broadcast on Friday while we return home to take on Harrisburg in our Tourist Trap segment.

Getting Ready for Opening Day
While I’m out here on the road with the team, the staff back in Curve, Pa. is feverishly working to get all the final preparations set for Thursday night’s home opener with Harrisburg. We’ll be kicking things off early at the ballpark for those that want to tune in as we’ll be live on WTAJ-TV beginning at 5 a.m. with Patrick Schurr and Regina Miller. We’ve had fun with the duo in each of the past three years and we hope to have some fun stuff ready for them when they visit early Thursday morning. Check it out as your eating your breakfast!

Interesting Concession Items from Erie
It’s always a fun time to try out different food items from different places across the Eastern League. I was able to sample one item and leave one on the table for our next trip to Jerry Uht Park. They had mini corn dog bites for sale at the Uht and honestly, I’m a huge fan of a corn dog so I figured these would be good. And, they were. The item I left on the table for our next trip in early May? California-style Garlic Fries. I don’t think there is any way these can be as good as the Gordon Biersch Garlic Fries you get at AT&T Park in San Francisco (see awesomeness below) but I’ll be curious to see how they match up.

Garlic Fries

Food in Akron
While we are in a different hotel when we arrive in Akron, I am told its still in the downtown area where there are some great places to eat. Most of the guys, coaches and broadcasters (I used to run into former Curve skipper PJ Forbes there all the time) will go to the Diamond Deli, which is just passed Canal Park in downtown Akron. Phenomenal place to go get a sandwich and drink. Other good places to go? The Pita Pit, which is literally across the street from Canal Park.  And they have sweet tea.

Hooray, looks like we are here and right on cue, the movie ends. Crazy. Now, where to go for dinner…?

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