Prepping for the Bash


We’ve hit March!!!! Finally! And with the calendar flipping to March we can now turn our eyes to warmer weather (hopefully) and the first event of our season, Baseball Bash.  Bash will take place here at Peoples Natural Gas Field from 9 a.m. to noon on the ticket plaza and upper concourse.  It is the first opportunity for fans to pick up individual-game tickets for all 71 Curve regular-season games as well as the first chance for people who have pre-purchased their Pirates-Curve tickets to pick up their special commemorative ticket.

Pirates-Curve Exhibition Game Ticket Pick Up Information:

Fans that are planning to come to Baseball Bash on Saturday can pickup their commemorative tickets for the game at the box office near the main entrance.  Here is how the pick up will work.

I am looking to just pick up my exhibition tickets (not purchase individual game tickets) 

Exhibition Ticket Pick Up Only Line:  This line is for people who are not planning on purchasing tickets to any other game in 2013 and simply want to pick up their Pirates-Curve tickets.   Individual game tickets will not be sold in this line.  The two windows open for just exhibition ticket pick up are located on the far left side of the box office (if facing box office straight on).  They will be the two side windows and one line will filter to these two windows.

I’m looking to pick up my Pirates-Curve tickets and also purchase individual-game tickets.

Individual Ticket Line: This line will be for people who are looking to pick up their Pirates-Curve tickets as well as purchase individual-game tickets for the 2013 season.  There will be one line that filters into three different windows at the box office.  The three open windows are the farthest on the right of the box office (if facing from main ticket plaza).

I’m a season-ticket/mini-plan holder and I’ve also purchased Pirates-Curve tickets, where do I go to pick them up? 

Season-ticket/Mini Plan Holder Table:  There will be a table set up across from The Stockyard (Merch store) for those fans that wish to pick up their season-tickets/mini plans.  Your Pirates-Curve tickets will be with your season tickets/mini plans.  There is no need to wait in the other two lines unless you wish to purchase individual tickets for other games.

It is strongly encouraged that fans pick up their tickets before the Exhibition game on March 30th to avoid long lines and delays at the will call office.  For fans that cannot pick up their tickets on Saturday, March 2nd., they will be available in the box office starting Monday, March 4.  Box office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at tomorrow’s Bash!

Promotional Calendar Released


If you missed any of our promotional releases this week, you missed a lot!  We’ve got some really cool stuff coming down the line this season including an appearance by All-Pro Maurkice Pouncey on April 12 thanks to Holiday Inn Express & WTAJ-TV, an Andrew McCutchen Bobblehead Day on July 5 thanks to Nuts for You and another appearance by a Penguins player on August 19 thanks to Altoona Trackers, Advanced Chiropractic & WTAJ-TV.

We’ve also got five different jersey auctions and we’ll once again change our name for one game this season to pay tribute to one of the names that could have been instead of Curve.  This year, we’ll be known as the Altoona Coasters on June 6.

For the complete promo calendar, check out the new

Oscar Accountability: 

As noted in last week’s blog, I attempted to pick some Oscar winners and improve upon my dismal score from 2012 (0/9) and I’m happy to report that I got three right this year!  Feels good to get at least one right and have an overall 3/18 record.  Only up from here.

One thing that I thought was interesting though was that the theme from Argo sounded very very familiar.  After carefully thinking, I knew where I thought I’d heard it before: 61*  The film, for those that do not know, follows the season that Roger Maris hit 61 homers and is directed by Billy Crystal and is one of my favorite baseball movies of all time.  But, when Marris connects for his 61st homer with Mantle watching in the hospital, this is the music that is played:

It’s at the 1-minute mark or so.

Now listen to this main score from Argo:

At around the 20-second mark.

Sound familiar?


See ya tomorrow


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