Better Know a Curve Staffer: Part Deux & PirateFest 2012


A few months back we had our first installment of meet our newest Curve staff members with hockey-extraordinaire Steffan Langguth, which went over quite well with all of Steffan’s fans in the area.  In this edition of Better Know a Curve Staffer, we introduce you to one of Steffan’s new running mates in Luke Johnson, who has just joined the Curve as a Ticketing Sales Associate.  Luke joins the Curve after spending the 2012 season as an intern with the Modesto Nuts of the California League, who by the way have a phenomenal logo set if any one cares to check it out.

Anyways, the Q&A with LJ:

CBB: First off, welcome to Curve, Pa. Luke.  Great to have you on board.  We’ll start you off with an easy question like what is the meaning of life?  Too bold? Ok, seriously, your name is Luke.  In a given week, how many Star Wars references do you get made about your name?  Have you ever dressed up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween?

LJ: Thanks, it’s good to be in the world-famous Curve, PA.  I would say around 4 Star Wars mentions is average.  First week in Curve, Pa. was above average though, (Thanks Homan).  Can’t say I ever dressed up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween, that would be too much.

CBB: Did you know that (according to Wikipedia) Luke was the 43rd-most popular baby name in the United States in 2006, up from 111th in 1987?  I mean, there aren’t too many uber-famous Luke’s that come to mind.  I can think of a few off hand and they would be Luke Perry from 90210 and “Cool Hand Luke”, the film with Paul Newman.  Do you feel any extra pressure to succeed because your name is quite rare compared to Mike or Bill.

LJ: It’s an up and comer evidently, and Wikipedia doesn’t lie.  Cool Hand Luke and Luke Skywalker are probably the most famous.  I don’t feel any extra pressure to live up to the name but if I’m half as legendary as either of those ill consider it a win.

CBB: In reading up on your bio on our website, our fans can find that you like the Anaheim Angels (which, if you weren’t aware are now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, ahem), the Anaheim Ducks, UCLA, the Minnesota Vikings & Timberwolves.  Why such an eclectic mix of favorite teams?  Were you aware that you have two things in common with the famous Gordon Bombay in that you A. Like the Mighty Ducks and B. Have spent time in Minnesota (he was the Minnesota Miracle Man, FYI)?

LJ: Well this is the first time I’ve been compared to Gordon Bombay so that’s an honor, and yes he is the one and only Minnesota Miracle Man.  Growing up in So Cal, it was easy to become an ANAHEIM Angels (Angel Stadium is located in Anaheim, Calif. 35 miles south of LA) Anaheim Ducks and UCLA fan.  The Vikings and Timberwolves come from me disliking the Lakers, Rams, Raiders and Lob City didn’t exist when I resided there.

CBB: When you found out that there is a Chipotle less than 2 miles away from Peoples Natural Gas Field, how excited did that make you on a scale of Chips and Guac (being the least excited) to Burrito (most excited)?  The scale would go as follows: Chips & Guac—Tacos—Salad—Burrito Bowl—Burrito.

LJ: I would say Burrito with a side of chips and salsa and a drink.  I’ve been known to eat a lot of Chipotle so the close proximity is definitely a plus.  It will also make up slightly for the lack of taco trucks in Curve, Pa.

CBB: Have you ever gone by the nickname “LJ” or been referred to as “Grand Ma Ma”?  (Editor’s Note: I seriously hope he is old enough to know who Larry Johnson is and for those that don’t know, I’ve included a link to the old Converse commercial below)

LJ: LJ has been used here and there, Cool Hand, Skywalker, Lukester. None have stuck though; maybe Grand Ma Ma is the next big thing.  I did rock the Chuck Taylor’s as a kid. (Side note I had not seen the commercial until now.)

CBB: You are originally from Southern California near Rancho Santa Margarita, what do you miss most about being in California? In-N-Out is an acceptable answer….just saying

LJ: In-n-out for sure.  Also: the beach, the weather, Angel Stadium, Disneyland, Taco Trucks (specifically the D St. truck in Modesto), the abundance of great Mexican food, the views on PCH, and 60 degree weather on Christmas to name a few.

CBB: Being new to Curve, Pa. you have yet to really be overly-influenced by our mascot crew yet as they’re hard at work at their desks in the offseason and don’t have time to campaign for votes.  But if you had to pick, right now, which of our four mascots do you like the best?

LJ: Well, my vote is for sale.  Perhaps a friendly royal rumble is the best way to decide my favorite.  Al Tuna ,they tell me he’s the rally mascot, would be a solid sleeper bet, a Steamer and Diesel Dawg combo could pose a threat, but I would put my money on Tenacious, someone who looks that intense all the time has to be legit.  This could change once I seem them all in action in March, though.

CBB: You listed travelling as one of your interests.  Where are some of the places you have visited and some places you would like to visit?

LJ: I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few places in my life.  All over California including: San Diego, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe.  I‘ve also been to Seattle, Hawaii, Banff Canada, Hilton Head S.C., Savannah, Ga., Charleston S.C., Chicago, Washington D.C., and most recently Paris.  Some places I would like to visit are: NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, London, and Italy.

CBB: Help us settle a territorial linguistic debate please.  Your fellow ticketing associate Steffan Langguth claims you “have a catch” while as the editor of this blog I claim you “play catch”.  Who’s side are you on?

LJ: It has been known since prehistoric times that you “play catch.”

See sorry Ray Kinsella, but you goofed up on your line (at the 1:58 mark of this clip below)….it’s not “have a catch”.

PirateFest 2012 Recap

You might have seen a few posts from the Curve on our social media sites this past weekend from PirateFest at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.  The three-day event was quite packed with nearly 17,000 fans coming out to get a glimpse of the Bucs (16,986 to be exact).  That attendance total was 400 fans higher than last year’s event and it was the largest-ever attendance at PirateFest (16,839 was the previous highest set two years ago).

If you came out to check out the festivities, you probably stopped by our booth as did some of the former Curve players that were in attendance.  Below is a giant collage of some of the happenings surrounding the Curve booth over the weekend.  A big thanks to all the former Curve who stopped by and we can’t wait to have them all back for the Pirates-Curve Exhibition here on March 30th.



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