The World Series in a Nutshell: The Battle of Two Songs by Journey

Photo Credit: Matt Baker

Game 1 of the 2012 World Series starts in roughly 5 hours as I start to write this blog on Wednesday mid-afternoon here in Curve, Pa.  Looking back at my glorious picks from a few weeks ago here’s what we find:

Divisional Round

San Francisco over Cincinnati: NL MVP candidate and batting champion Buster Posey and the bunch from the City by the Bay will dispatch of the Redlegs in four games with solid outings from Matt Cain and, yes, even Barry Zito.  Ryan Vogelsong (Curve, 2002) will be crucial in the run for the Giants if he can retain the form he found over his last three starts (1 ER in his last 17.0 IP).  Got this one right, barely….

Washington over Atlanta: The Natitude that carried the Nationals to the best record in baseball will also carry them through the Braves and into the NLCS.  It’ll be tough for Stephen Strasburg to watch but he’ll have to do so nonetheless.  Nats in four.  This was well, obviously not right but still could have been had the Cardinals ya know, not scored like 87 runs in the ninth inning of Game 5.  But I digress…

Detroit over Oakland:  While Oakland is a team possessed, taking the AL West crown on the last day of the season, they haven’t fared well in the playoffs once they get there.  I’m biased and going for another Oakland collapse in the playoffs.  They’ll go up in the series but eventually fall in five games.   Oh, and Detroit has that Triple Crown guy, Cabrera, too. Too much pitching, hitting here for Detroit, got this one nailed. 

Baltimore over New York: These two teams split the 18 games they played against one another during the regular season but the O’s have an awesome logo redesign and that will be enough to put them past New York.  I got the teams right in this one but the Yanks used their last bit of offense to get out of this round

Championship Series: 

Washington over San Francisco: The Nats went 5-1 against the Giants in the small sample size of six games but the Giants pitching staff gave up 45 runs in six games (which is 7.5 runs per game).  That’s awful and they did it against the Giants better pitchers in Cain (3 R, 6.2 IP), Bumgarner (8 R, 14.0 IP), Vogelsong (8 R, 2.2 IP) and Lincecum (12 R, 7.1 IP).  It ended up again being St. Louis vs. San Francisco so that was wrong.  And once again the Giants won three straight games and are now in the World Series. 

Detroit over Baltimore: Baltimore’s magic will run out in the ALCS when they run into Justin Verlander and the Tigers.  I bet is a solid series tho, with it going six games.  The two teams split six games during the regular season. I had Detroit, riding it to the series, didn’t matter who they beat.  

World Series

Detroit over Washington:  At least Strasburg can help the Nats next time they get to the series.  Well I got one of the teams right here, and with my hometown team in the game, do I change the pick…

That’s where we’ll break this down today as I was reading up on some things about tonight’s game I came across a preview article that made a great point.  Go figure it was from the New York Times.  Well we’ve got a battle of Steve Perry-sung songs here folks in this Journey-laden Fall Classic.  On the left coast, we have the wonderful song “Lights”, a song that when I hear it still makes me think of the homeland as they so eloquently say “I want to get back to my city by the bay”.  

On the flip side, we have a “city boy born and raised in South Detroit, who took a midnight train going anywhere” (in this case he’s going to SF for Game 1 tonight ideally).  Either way, as the article states, its a showdown of Journey’s “Lights” and “Don’t Stop Believin”.  Even being a Bay Area native, I’m still sticking with my original pick: Detroit.  Light’s is a tremendous song but Don’t Stop Believin’ is sung by any person that can sing Karaoke (and even Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages).  I just don’t know if the Giants can overcome the power of that song.

From a baseball standpoint, the Giants are flying high on momentum and did play very well against a Tigers team in 2011 but that team is more potent offensively now and has a bit better starting pitching corps.  Selfishly, though I root for the Giants.

On a side note, I’ve refrained from watching too much SF baseball this postseason because quite frankly, when I do tune in via TV or radio, they’re 0-5.  When I refrain, they’re a solid 7-1.  So in a nutshell of nonsensical reasoning, there is my pick. 


In doing some research over the past few days, it appears that only Ryan Vogelsong is the only member of either active roster to play in a Curve uniform.  Vogelsong was 1-5 for the 2002 Curve, making eight starts and amassing an ERA of 5.56 in 43.2 IP.

However, there are a good many players on both sides of the foul lines that Curve teams have played against in the 14-year history of the franchise.  Here’s a look :

Detroit:  Phil Coke, Justin Verlander, Alex Avila, Omar Infante, Jhonny Peralta, Danny Worth, Quintin Berry, Andy Dirks,, Avisail Garcia (this season), Austin Jackson and Don Kelly

San Francisco: Madison Bumgarner, George Kontos, Sergio Romo, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford and Angel Pagan


As it is pretty well known, I myself root for Giants while our GM Rob Egan has his heart with the Detroit Tigers.  So it was only fair that we make a bet in the spirit of competitiveness.

If the Giants win, Rob Egan will bestow upon me the following Detroit-related things: 

A case of Stroh’s beer (originally brewed in Detroit – now handled by Pabst in Milwaukee)

A case of Faygo Rock n’ Rye Soda

A dozen Paczki’s – polish pastry (like a jelly donut only fattier) that has its own day/parade in Hamtramck (suburb of Detroit)

A dozen tracks from iTunes featuring Detroit-based artists (Eminem, Kid Rock, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, or Motown artists)

If the Tigers win, I will bestow this wonderful assortment of San Francisco related items: 

A loaf Boudin San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread

Mother’s Cookies (English Tea and Taffy) – A San Francisco Treat since 1914

Rice A Roni (A San Francisco Treat)

Full House Season 1 on DVD

Ghiradelli & See’s Chocolate Pack

That’s all for today’s blog entry.  We hope to see our faithful season ticket holders at tonight’s World Series Party here at the ballpark.  Doors will open at 6 p.m. so fans can come in and enjoy Mike & Tyler’s World Series Super Fantastic Analytics, Analysis & Entertainment Spectacular before open the doors of the home clubhouse and batting cage area for dinner at approximately 7 p.m.

Since both Tyler and I are huge logo nerds, we also created our own logo for it.  It would be improper not to share it with you all

Enjoy the games

— Mike

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