A New Way to Follow the Curve


A new way to follow the Curve.

This season the Curve will institute, for the first time, MiLB Datacaster for all home games. Much like the Datacaster you’ve probably seen in Major League games, the Datacaster will update with every batter and could serve as a great supplement to listening to the broadcast online or on the radio. If you can’t listen to the game, but still have access to a computer, the Datacaster will be a great way to follow the game.

The link to open the Datacaster will appear on the front page of http://www.AltoonaCurve.com and it will be on the right side where the game information is.

Here’s what the Datacaster will look like, using information from last year’s title clinching game:

2 thoughts on “A New Way to Follow the Curve

    1. You’ll be able to log into Datacaster when the Curve play home games. The link will be on the front of AltoonaCurve.com on the right side. We’ll also provide a link on Facebook and Twitter.

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