“Curve” – What’s in a Name?


Today, CurveBall Blog will take a look at the name “Curve” and it’s origin as well as showing a few of our favorite logos from around Minor League Baseball.

The name “Curve” was officially chosen as the team nickname on July 2, 1998. The name was selected by fans in a “name that team” contest. Other finalists included “Fish” (The Altoona Fish), “Ridge Runners” and “Lake Monsters.” The name “Curve” was selected for two reasons: for the baseball connection and as a tribute to the historic Horseshoe Curve, located just outside of Altoona. The landmark Horseshoe Curve was built in the 1850s as a means to make it easier for incoming trains to navigate through the Allegheny Mountains. The first train went around “the Curve” in 1854.

On January 28th, 2011, the Curve implemented a new logo for the team depicting “Tenacious Casey.” The new logo pays homage to Casey Jones an American Railroad engineer who was an avid baseball fan and a hero, known to have saved many lives.

I love the Curve nickname and logo, it’s one of the more unique trademarks in all of Minor League Baseball and I’m excited to see the team wear the new logo on their caps this season.

In addition to the Curve, I have several other favorite MILB logos, which I’ll share a few below.

Jamestown Jammers (Florida Marlins)

Montgomery Biscuits (Tampa Bay Rays)

Lake Elsinore Storm (San Diego Padres)

Casper Ghosts (Colorado Rockies)

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